SUNWAY Resort Hotel and Spa,
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7495 1888
The buka puasa buffet for both restaurants
is between 6.30pm and 10.30pm

FANCY Ais Kacang with a selection of 100 condiments?

The four-star Pyramid Hotel’s Atrium Cafe offers this and more during its Berbuka Puasa Fiesta from Aug 1 to Aug 29.


Iced delight: Fazli is preparing the Ais Kacang dessert.

The five-star Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa is also having its buka puasa buffet at the brand new dining outlet Fuzion.

With six menus on rotation, both restaurants feature a wide array of salads, appetisers, Ramadan chips, nuts, pickles, soups, hot dishes, pastries as well as live action stations with a colourful palette of traditional delicacies.

Observe the tradition of berbuka puasa with dates, before quenching thirst with sweet beverages such as sugarcane juice, Longan Juice, Air Bandung and Air Kacang Soya Jagung.

An assortment of much-loved sweetmeats including kuih-muih, Tapai, Lepat, Pulut, Apam, Dodol, Putu Beras, Buah Melaka and Akok.

At Atrium Cafe, assistant executive sous chef Fazli Baharudin whips up a spread of local delights from different states in Malaysia, from north to south.

From Negri Sembilan, there is the Pucuk Paku Goreng (stir-fried fern leaves) and Daging Goreng Berlado (stir-fried beef with chilli); Kari Ayam Kapitan (Nyonya Chicken Curry) from Malacca and Kambing Kuzi from Johor.

“The Ikan Siakap Masak Tauchu Pedas (sea bass in spicy bean sauce) is my favourite dish to cook during special occasions,” he said.

As for the Ais Kacang with 100 condiments, aside from the usual red bean, cream corn, and cendol, you can add peach, longan, lychee, Tremella fuciformis (commonly known as Snow Fungus), cashew nuts and more.

It would be a challenge to try all the condiments in one sitting! To top it off, add scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Chocolate Chip ice cream from the ice cream corner.

At Fuzion, head chef Zabidi Ibrahim shares with diners the recipes he learned from his grandparents who often cooked at feasts.

Since young, he has been learning how to cook from them.


River Prawn Sambal: The prawn is flown from Sarawak.

The Daging Goreng 1960 (Nostalgic Stir-fried beef with galangal and soya sauce) is his grandmother’s recipe, a healthier choice as he did not use any oil.

“The beef is simmered for an hour without oil as the meat is cooked in its own fat. I usually do not use much oil in my cooking.”

He shared a tip on how to get rid of fish odour.

“For the Ikan Patin Gulai Tempoyak (Braised Pangasius Fish in Durian Paste and Chilli Padi Tamarind Gravy), I soaked the fish for 15 minutes in water that has been used to clean rice.”

I normally do not go for chicken wings as it can be quite a messy affair but I gave the Ayam Masak Kicap Batang Bonar (Sauteed Chicken wings with Sweet Soya Sauce) a go, and it was a decision I did not regret.

The flavourful chicken was marinated to near perfection and I went for seconds.


Crunchy dessert: For the Serawa Pisang, Zabidi chose to fry the banana covered in kataifi crisps and shredded mint leaves.

For desserts, chef Zabidi’s take on the traditional Serawa Pisang (Sweetened Banana and Sago Porridge Soup) were spot on.

Other dishes include Gulai Itik Jawa Pekan (Duck Curry with Coconut Paste), Udang Galah Sam-bal Tumis (River Prawn Sambal), and Kambing Buah Kurma Bakar (Baked Lamb in Date Cumin Gravy).

While the banana is usually served soaked in the sago gravy, Zabidi chose to fry the banana covered in kataifi crisps and shredded mint leaves. It is served separately from the sago soup to retain its crunchiness.

The refreshing soya bean milk with apple or banana flavour at Fuzion is also a must-try.

Fuzion’s buka puasa buffet is priced at RM128++ per adult and RM64++ per child aged 12 years and below; while the buffet at Atrium Café is priced at RM98++ per adult and RM49++ per child aged 12 years and below.

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa is extending a 20% discount to patrons of both outlets from Aug 22-29.

For the convenience of all Muslim guests, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and Pyramid Tower Hotel offer separate male and female prayer rooms.

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