HULU LANGAT’S Beer Garden is a makan place I discovered by accident.

Some months ago, I went to the Sungai Tekala forest park with my wife to capture its flora and fauna on camera.

While driving back to Subang Jaya, we were on the lookout for a place to have a late lunch.

From the Tekala waterfalls, we ended up driving towards Hulu Langat’s 14th Mile via Bukit Hantu and when we made an exit towards Cheras, the first thing I saw was a signboard that said: “Beer Garden”.

Curious to see what lay ahead, we followed the arrow which pointed to a hilltop restaurant.

There are two large ponds on the premise and I could see some large Tilapia fish swimming in it.

At the entrance of the makan place, there was a notice board with a couple of newspaper write-ups and celebrity endorsements from a local food programme.

9CA2B16EFB5A41C5A8C7C405C1622F48   A good catch:Steamed ikan haruan


My wife, Michelle, and I wasted no time in placing our orders.

The person who served us recommended their steamed sang yee (snakehead) and at RM45 per serving, I would say that the taste was pretty decent.

Next, she recommended stir-fried paku choy (wild edible fern) at RM8 per plate (small) which turned out to be too fibrous and sappy.

And with the beers thrown in, our bill came up to RM73, which is pretty acceptable by Klang Valley standards.

Later, I made a follow-up trip with some cycling kakis after completing a ride in Semenyih.

We ordered plenty of beers and had the restaurant’s highly-recommended steamed Tilapia in claypot (RM30) which turned out to be very palatable.

Also on the table was the braised kampung chicken with “shark’s fin”. Now, don’t get me wrong, what we ate was some flavoured jelly and not the real thing.

This one came up to RM48 per dish and it was also very tasty.

With a near endless flow of beers and more than 12 dishes, the bill came up to RM480.

Split among 10 people, the experience was worth it.

Hulu Langat’s Beer Garden is located on the 14th mile and its GPS coordinates are: N 03 06 384, E 101 48 018.

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