Busaba serves up a true taste of Thailand with its ‘hospitality with a heart’ approach at the Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Busaba at Bangsar Shopping Centre is the latest Thai restaurant by the Sea Cuisine Group of Restaurants. Its name means “flower and grace” in Thai.

“Busaba is our 14th outlet,” says Sea Cuisine’s marketing director, Elyna Tan.

“We also own and operate Thai restaurants in other major shopping complexes in the Klang Valley such as Celadon, Flying Chillies, Amarin Heavenly Thai, Basil and Good Evening Bangkok, and Absolute Thai in Singapore.

“All our restaurants carry different brand names and interior concepts. Each one is distinctly conceptualised by one of our owners, Thanee Laivarintr, an architect cum interior designer. He’s the one who determines each restaurant’s characteristics according to the shopping complex’s location and customer profile.

“We even go to the extent of equipping all our restaurants with fine celadon crockery and custom-design cutlery for that complete Thai dining experience,” Tan reveals.

A family restaurant, Busaba’s interior design is surprisingly modern and chic. Most of the dishes are in the mid-price range, but there are also premium specialities like Baked Oysters with XO Sauce and Fresh Oysters served with Home-made Thai Sauce.

Sea Cuisine’s head chef Sonthaya Kundet, 40, reveals that he works closely with his colleague and chef at Busaba, Ubon Kaiyamung, 38, to ensure that the new outlet’s specialities are up to mark. In the following interview, Chef Sonthaya delves into his culinary career and what makes Busaba special.

F0E405E9E8064A0C91172BC8CBEE54C6Sea Cuisine’s head chef Sonthaya Kundet (in blue) and Busaba chef Ubon Kaiyamung.

Q: When did you first develop an interest in food?

A: I was 18 when I started cooking. My first dish was Thai green curry. At the time, I was working in a small, independent restaurant in Bangkok.

What’s your greatest challenge as a chef?

Ensuring we get a steady and constant supply of authentic Thai ingredients for all our restaurants. Many of the herbs and spices have to be sourced and imported specially from Thailand, but I have my own network of reliable contacts to help.

What makes this restaurant different?

A397967E0BCF45EF942AB20EF51D510EThai betel leaves rolled with seven condiments and shrimp paste. – CHING YEE SING

Busaba serves an extensive and varied selection of authentic Thai dishes that are suitable for family-style dining. Since Bangsar Shopping Centre tends to draw more high-end and discerning patrons, we’ve also included top quality specialities like oysters and fish maw prepared Thai-style into the à la carte menu.

Name some of the signature dishes of this restaurant.

You must savour Mieng Kam (traditional appetiser of betel leaves rolled with seven condiments and shrimp paste), Tom Yam Prawn Soup flavoured with lime, lemongrass and chilli, Thai Mango Salad served with Crispy River Prawn and Green Curry Beef or Chicken served with Salted Fish.

Another unique dish is Weeping Tiger or Sizzling Beef Striploin with Northern Thai Sauce. According to popular Thai folklore, tigers were the only ones that used to eat cows. But when men came along and ate all the cows, the tigers started crying as there were no longer any cows left for them to eat.

For dessert, our Chilled Water Chestnut Red Rubies with jackfruit and fresh coconut strips in coconut milk, Mango with Sticky Rice and Thai Iced Tea are highly recommended.

What would be your last meal on earth?

Tom Yam, my favourite dish of all time!

Citibank credit card holders are entitled to 10% off on food and beverage at Busaba for dine-in meals only until Dec 31, 2011. Offer is not valid with any other promotion/offers and is not applicable to alcoholic beverages, happy hour and set menus. Sea Cuisine Sdn Bhd reserves the right to revoke or terminate the promotions and discounts at its discretion without prior notice.

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