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BE SPOILT for choice while celebrating the Lunar New Year, with one of five auspiciously named menus at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club’s (KLGCC) China Treasures Restaurant available until March 8.

Each menu comprises eight to nine exquisite dishes that have been put together by their award-winning executive Chinese chef, Eddie Chua.

StarMetro got the chance to sample some of the key courses and naturally, the meal began with the customary yee sang prosperity toss.

Their Abalone and Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang was a delightful affair where the flavour was found to be not too overpowering as the dish is sometimes inclined to be.

“This is because we use only half a bowl of sauce for the tossing,” said Chua.

“In yee sang, all the ingredients are preserved with sugar. One or two minutes after you toss it, the sugar mixes with the sauce. This is why we try not to use too much sauce when tossing or else the dish becomes too sweet.”

Served next in a larger-than-usual bowl was the concentrated Crab Meat Soup with Braised Seafood, chock-full of generous chunks of crab and other seafood, guaranteed to be one of the most filling dishes on the menu.

Once the soup was polished off, along came the Braised Sea Moss Oyster Rolls with Sliced Abalone and Wheat Gluten dish.

Although the huge portions of the abalone and oyster rolls were very eye-catching, the highlight of the dish was the delectable melt-in-your-mouth sea moss that kept one going back for more.

Must-have dish: Abalone and Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang.

Must-have dish: Abalone and Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang.

Following that was the Crispy Roast Chicken prepared “Two Ways,” so named for literally being prepared two different ways.

While the first is a common dish, where the chicken is skinned, julienned and stir-fried with vegetables and black pepper, the second is a creative fusion of recipes.

The chef dried and roasted the leftover skin from the chicken used for the stir-fry, before placing fish paste and almond slices on top, resulting in a crispy yet chewy serving.

When the Home-Style Steam White Cod was brought out, Chua explained that it was inspired by the recipe of poor villagers in provinces in China who had few ingredients on hand and settled for cabbages, radishes, mushrooms and soy sauce to make their meals more appetising.

Alcohol-free: X.O. Fried Rice with Seafood.

Alcohol-free: X.O. Fried Rice with Seafood.

He adopted the recipe to create his steamed fish fare, lending a nostalgic touch and taste to the course.

Before anyone had the chance to sit back in their chair, a steaming plate of Sautéed Crystal Prawns with Hot and Sour Sauce was placed on the table.

Boasting a subtle blend of spicy and sour, this dish allows all ages to enjoy the large, fresh and juicy prawns used in its preparation.

Short work was made of the prawn dish, giving way to the aromatic X.O. Fried Rice with Seafood which was brimming with prawns, scallops, french beans and onions.

Addictive: Prawns that are so tasty, that you do not want to stop eating.

Addictive: Prawns that are so tasty, that you do not want to stop eating.

According to Chua, while X.O. typically refers to brandy, there is no alcohol in this dish as the X.O. actually signifies the luxuriousness of the sauce used to fry the rice.

Wrapping up the meal was the refreshingly innovative Hot Soy Bean with White Fungus, Lotus Seed and Gingko Nuts, served piping hot with the homemade soy bean drink ensuring a richer flavour.

“Every year, wherever you go, it’s almost always mango sago pudding for dessert. So we thought, this year we would try something new,” Chua said, adding that diners could opt to have the soy drink served cold.

All diners will receive complimentary ang pow packets and mandarin oranges during this festive season when they dine at China Treasures.

The menus are priced from RM1,102.88 and RM1,396.88 for tables of six and RM1,662.88, RM2,082.88, RM2,642.88, RM3,201.88 to RM4,740.88 for tables of 10. Members of KLGCC are entitled to a 20% discount.

This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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