Chuai Heng Restaurant Sdn Bhd,
231 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2141 5666
For reservations or enquiries on business hours,
call the restaurant at 012-387 5095 (Ben)
or 012-335 3499 (Winnie).

FED up of the run-of-the-mill Chinese fare that usually leaves you feeling less than satisfied?

A meal at Chuai Heng Restaurant, Jalan Bukit Bintang is sure to cure that problem.

Cooked by executive chef Lam Ping Mau, the Hong Kong-style recipes have been a staple at the restaurant for the past eight years.

Here are some of the ala carte dishes that are popular with customers and best yet, most of these are served all-year-round!

One of the restaurant’s specialities is Deluxe Mixed Food Basin that is an assortment of almost 20 different ingredients including fresh sea prawns, South African abalone, roasted duck, and a variety of mushrooms and vegetables.

All these are served in a pot and a steaming hot abalone broth is poured over the dish.

To enjoy this dish though, chef Lam recommends that guests pre-order at least a day before.

Master chefs: Lam (second from right) and Loh (centre) regularly cook up a storm for customers.

“As this is quite a complex dish with many different elements, it may take more than half-an-hour for it to be prepared. If guests pre-order, then we will have it ready by the time they arrive,” he said.

Chef Lam also said many customers preferred this dish as a takeout item because of its versatility.

“Because it can feed up to eight people, customers like to eat this dish at home, accompanied by other home-cooked dishes,” he said.

Feeling a bit peckish? Try out chef Lam’s Roasted Peking Duck which was certainly well worth the praise with its crispy skin and juicy flesh.

What’s unique about this dish is that it is eaten by removing the duck skin and rolling them into egg squares with slices of cucumber and drizzled with a sweet sauce made using cinnamon, star anise and sesame oil.

Diners then have the option of either requesting for a new dish prepared with the duck meat or eating it on its own.

“Most of the customers prefer to have the meat sliced and cooked with some noodles. This way, no part of the duck is wasted,” Lam explained.

Another staple dish at Chuai Heng Restaurant is the Hot Pot Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat.

This dish is a combination of roasted duck thigh, preserved pork sausages and slices of pork belly which are imported from Hong Kong.


Golden cubes: The Fried Golden Crispy Bean Curd will surely earn many fans.

These are all placed on a bed of soft rice and an aromatic black sauce poured over the top.

The bitterness of the different meats is counterbalanced by the fragrant sauce, and gives patrons a sense of fulfilment.

Even better, just a small portion of the dish can feed up to seven people!

“Because this is such a heavy dish, I always advise that guests drink plenty of Chinese tea to aid in digestion,” Lam said.

As an appetiser, be sure to try the restaurant’s newest recipe; the Fried Golden Crispy Bean Curd.

As its name suggests, this dish is prepared by frying cubes of soft bean curd till they are golden brown and eaten with a condiment of sweet Thai sauce.

The bean curds were perfectly fried and had a slightly salty aftertaste.

This is a perfect dish to stimulate the appetite and will certainly keep the children happy.

If you’re looking for a light meal, the restaurant also has a selection of over 50 dim sum dishes.

Dim sum chef Loh Hong Chuan said he comes up with a new dim sum recipe every three months, which is certainly no easy feat.

“I am constantly challenging myself to come up with new ideas so that there will always be something new for customers to enjoy,” he said.

Some of Loh’s more popular dim sum are the Steamed Fresh Shrimps Dumplings, Steamed Famous Egg Yolk Cream Buns and the Pan-Fried Bean Curd Rolls.

His dim sum are works of art as each piece is lovingly made with great attention paid to its look and taste.

The steamed dim sum are especially tasty as the outer shells are very thin and soft, unlike others which are usually thin and rubbery in texture.

The Steamed Famous Egg Yolk Cream Buns are a must-try as each piece holds a special treat.

Once bitten, a golden cream flows from the centre and soaks into the bun.

“Customers always request for this dish even when it is not on the menu because it is so tasty!” laughed Loh.

For a cosy setting, the restaurant also has private dining rooms for customers to enjoy as well as about 70 tables in the main dining hall.

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