Coca Sea Food Restaurant,
29, Jalan Bidara 1,
Taman Bidara, Batu Caves.

Walk in late and you’re bound to be disappointed. That’s how things work at Jason Chan’s curry mee stall in Coca Sea Food Restaurant, Selayang.

A customer told me that one Sunday, he managed to get the last bowl before everything was sold out by 8.30am!

This was the first time I have woken up before the crack of dawn to drive to a place an hour away for a bowl of curry noodles.

I managed to arrive at around 7.30am and thankfully the curry mee had not run out; others who came close to 11am were not as lucky.

You will be given a number when you order; this is to make sure people do not jump the queue.

“We have a number system to ensure that people get their food,” Chan said as he fulfilled the orders according to the notes before him.

Customers can go for the regular size at RM6 or have extra topping for RM9; I opted for the latter.

Curry chicken mee is also served here.

Chan said after a few customers had the extra special version, word spread and more people started ordering it.

When my order came, I was amazed at the mammoth serving, the curry was overspilling as it was laden with a mountain of ingredients such as chicken, pork balls, roast pork, cockles, fried tofu puff and fried wantan.

I could hear gasps from the next table, signifying others were equally amazed by the huge serving.

I also ordered the curry chicken mee (RM7) and this is one of my personal favourites as it is not too spicy, just the way I like it and the fried wantan was delicious.

Chicken feet noodles (RM6) are also sold here.

Chan has been operating here for 11 years.

“We make most things on-the-spot just like the wantan that I made and fried this morning.

“I learned how to cook from my godmother, who also sells noodles,” said Chan, who has been interviewed by print media as well as TV stations.

He usually starts operating at 7.30am and closes by 11am.

His stall is inside Coca Sea Food Restaurant, 29, Jalan Bidara 1, Taman Bidara, Batu Caves.


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