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Taman Kasturi off Jalan Balakong,
Batu 11, Cheras.
Tel: 03-9080 1322/ 012-212 2498 (Lim)/
012-377 7985 (Loo)
Business hours: 10.00am to 3.00pm
(lunch only,closed on Sunday)

EATING bird’s nest gives one a sense of indulgence for the premium ingredient which is known to contain various nutritional properties. Bird’s nest is said to be effective in improving skin texture and complexion.

Edible bird’s nest is often savoured as a dessert, and the most common way of preparing it would be with rock sugar or at best with selected few ingredients such as ginkgo nuts and red dates that can complement its gelatinous texture.

But bird’s nest can be more than just dessert, in fact, the proprietors of Superb Diversified Sdn Bhd that specialises in bird’s nest have managed to whip up a full-fledged meal for gastronomes to appreciate the delicacy in different ways.

66701F29CF9E44FDB9D644959C10FD46Silky texture: Bird’s Nest Congee is an all-time favourite.

This could not be done without creativity and an in-depth understanding of bird’s nest, as different cooking methods were explored to bring out the best flavours, without compromising on the nutritional values.

So, imagine what an experience it is to have bird’s nest for starter, main course and dessert, at the company’s restaurant in Balakong.

The company’s director Lim King Siong, who has a love for culinary since young and has decades of cooking experience, does it with homestyle flair.

The savoury dishes including appetiser Bird’s Nest with Stir-Fried Egg and main course Bird’s Nest with Braised Mushroom, Sea Cucumber and Chicken, use the corners of bird’s nest.

“The corners of the nest are too hard and involves a painstaking process to make them consumable, so most people will just leave out this part, which is actually the most nutritious as it forms the foundation of the nest,” Lim said.

82DA0C6AB544432CA0DD666553F549A1Juicy and flavourful: Bird’s Nest with Braised Mushroom, Sea Cucumber and Chicken.

The bird’s nest corners have to be soaked for one week with water replaced daily, before they can be used for cooking. According to Lim, this will not dilute the highly concentrated nutrients.

“We use the corners of red blood bird’s nest harvested from the caves for these dishes,” he said.

According to Lim, the cave blood bird’s nest with red strands is the most expensive among all due to high nutritional level, which is double the normal ivory-coloured bird’s nest.

“This variant can only be harvested in remote areas such as deep caves, it is red because the swiftlets feed on red meat and very ripe fruits, and oxidisation has taken place. In fact, the longer blood bird’s nests are kept, the redder they become but no one stores them that way,” he said.

The appetiser, Bird’s Nest with Stir-Fried Egg is to be savoured with fresh lettuce for an added crunch. The small chucks of bird’s nest are juicy and gelatinous, the texture pairs well with egg. It is a heart-warming home-cooked dish with luxurious touch.

588A21D3DC6B455DAFD399F365E5FFAACreamy appeal: Pumpkin Bird’s Nest Soup lures with a creamy,aromatic flavour.

The bird’s nest works great in absorbing flavours, as proven when it is braised with mushroom, sea cucumber and chicken for the main course. Sinking your teeth into the springy pieces of bird’s nest allows the flavours to ooze out and fill the palate.

Bird’s Nest Congee is a favourite among the Chinese, and was apparently a staple for empresses and concubines in the old days. Lim’s version is smooth, flavourful and aromatic. The clean flavour whets one’s appetite, it is little wonder that they say this is the dish to treat anorexics.

Still, the most pampering experience is offered by the bird’s nest desserts. Lim has conjured three recipes to appreciate the translucent strands of goodness. With every scoop, you feel good thinking that your cells will thank you for the nutrients pumped in.

The Pumpkin Bird’s Nest Soup is for those who love it creamy. The soft pumpkin steamed to perfect tenderness as well as the web of moistened fibre blends well with bird’s nest.

Bird’s Nest in Asian Pear lures with fruity sweetness, and is an exquisite taste that can win a girl’s heart instantly. The pear is steamed for hours to achieve the desired softness, so that it pairs perfectly with bird’s nest. In fact, Lim said steamed pears worked wonders for cough.

D2D08B48A3144B2E958EEFC9A5E20B1BLuxurious starter: Bird’s Nest with Stir-Fried Egg, to be eaten with lettuce.

Bird’s Nest in Papaya appeals to those who love cold desserts. The papaya’s soft texture is naturally the ideal companion for the expensive strands of collagen. The dessert is refreshing, and it feels great to know that it is also healthy and nourishing.

A set meal of four bird’s nest dishes including Bird’s Nest with Braised Mushroom, Sea Cucumber and Chicken, Bird’s Nest with Stir-Fried Egg, Bird’s Nest Congee and Bird’s Nest in Papaya complemented with ginseng tea is available at RM600 (for three persons, the fourth person onwards will be charged RM50 each). Booking is required five days in advance.

Pure Bird’s Nest soup is also available at RM60 per bowl, diners can opt to enhance it with ginkgo or red date.

This is the writer’s observation and not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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