MUCH has been said about Sun Fatt coffee shop in Jalan 21/27 in Petaling Jaya.

This makan place is famous for its kari laksa and it took me years to finally get a taste of the legendary “Sisters Laksa”.

I first came to know about it from my friend Vincent Chia who runs a bakery supply store just a few rows down the road from SEA Park’s wet market.

“Eh Sam ah! You must try the laksa at the corner coffee shop here la,” he said.

It wasn’t until recently when I was told about the kari laksa and beef noodles served at Sun Fatt Kee (GPS N 03 06 575, E 101 37 334).

And with a curious mind, I investigated Chia’s claims and found a small stall managed by two women and a nice article written about them by a famous food columnist.

The writer was none other than Susan Tan, who happens to be an old friend of mine.

With decades of experience in the business, the women run their laksa stall with a loyal following.

Now, word has it that one of the sisters’ sons is also doing business in Bandar Puteri in Puchong.

5C01333E27BC474E96EF67E1A022C3D3Lunch time: The crowd at Sun Fatt Kee coffee shop.

Braving the lunch crowd, I walked up to one of the women and ordered my bowl of kari laksa with everything thrown in.

This includes a generous helping of see hum (blood cockles) shredded chicken meat, kacang panjang and lots of taugeh.

I was slurping down the tasty gravy and in the midst of my lunch time meal frenzy, Alfred Quek, another old friend of mine dropped in.

“Hey Sam! I see you found this laksa place ah! Our friend F.K. Tham also likes this place,” said Quek.

Well, half of my friends are retired from the print media business, so, they have lots of time exploring good makan places.

Okay, back to the laksa – I would give the stall 7.5 out of 10 on the “Samoscale” for its good taste and generous portions.

For RM5.80 a bowl, it’s money well spent.

Since this place also serves ngau lam meen (beef brisket noodles), I would make it a mission to try it out later.

Sun Fatt Kee coffee shop is located behind Seapark’s Maybank. Its not hard to locate it as it is a corner shoplot.

Parking may be a hassle here during lunch hour, so, its adviseable to car pool or take the LRT to Taman Paramount station and walk out a good appetite.

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