A real treat during a stopover on the way to Singapore.

ONE of the “craziest” things I have done in a day was driving down to Singapore and back to purchase a bicycle.

I did this for my cycling kaki Mohd Radzi Mohd Noor, who agreed to share the cost of petrol and toll, including the Autopass fees for foreign vehicles in the island republic.

Why drive nearly 1,000km just to get a bicycle?

Well, we could not find the folding bike in question in Malaysia despite numerous attempts to source for it.

I told Radzi that the best solution was to find out whether the bike was available in Singapore and if he could get it, I offered to drive down and pick it up.

And well, the rest is history.

Seeing that no good deed should go unrewarded, we made our way back to the USJ exit on ELITE (Express Lingkaran Tengah) and made a pit-stop at the Dengkil layby (N 02 54.510, E 101 36.600).

3D65C5CBD7BE4D9CA9671D87B605FFA2 Haji Samuri’s stall at the Dengkil layby.

After four hours of driving non-stop from the Tuas CIC in Singapore, we took a detour to the R&R area in Dengkil to give a satay stall there a try.

The namesake is pretty famous in Kajang and is called Satay Haji Samuri.

This makan place was packed with customers when we reached there and I heard the owner himself would drop by from time-to-time to do quality control.

Pricing at this satay stall was on the high side, but it was worth it.

A stick of chicken satay costs 80sen, the beef satay is also 80sen, while Haji Samuri’s
mutton satay is 40sen a stick.

We gave the satay ayam, daging, perut and kambing a try and it turned out to be a real treat.

Our bill came up to RM22 for 20 sticks of satay, including ketupat and the kuah satay at this makan place is bottomless.

On the Samo-scale, I would rate Haji Samuri’s satay at the Dengkil layby a 7 out of 10.

The satay stall opens daily for lunch and dinner and its on the ELITE heading north.

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