TOH Yuen,
Hilton Petaling Jaya,
2 Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7955 9122 ext. 4118
Business hours: Daily, Lunch: noon-2.30pm,
dinner: 7.00pm-10.30pm

WELCOMING the Year of the Dragon with a dragon-shaped yee sang to mimic the strong and fierce animal may sound a little too adventurous but that is just how PJ Hilton intends to treat its diners this festive season.

Instead of having a whole plate of fresh ingredients piled up in the centre, Toh Yuen’s masterchef Lee Kok Sing arranged them in a shape of a dragon.

5D750C6001954261B99731BA16DC9633Intricate: PJ Hilton ushers in the Year of the Dragon with the Dragon Yee Sang with Abalone and Salmon.

To give it a more realistic look, he spent some three hours carving out the details of the dragon’s head and tail on a pumpkin.

“Yee sang is usually served the same way every year, so this year I thought why not try something new and this idea came about,” he said, adding that the dish priced at RM888++ was served on a glass plate accompanied with a selection of abalone and salmon.

Other yee sang dishes offered are the Fresh Fruit with Abalone, Fresh Fruit with Hokkigai, Fresh Fruit with Salmon, and the Mango, Pear with Honeydew.

“We started using fresh fruits as well as ingredients with less colouring last year and received positive feedback from customers as they felt it was healthier and tasted better.

“This prompted us to continue using fresh ingredients in our yee sang dishes,” he said.

The fresh ingredients where diners can find on the platter are pickled papaya, honeydew, pear, dragon fruit, mango, pomelo, carrot, cucumber, radish and pumpkin.

During the review, we sampled the Longevity Menu (RM1,388++) which starts off with the Seasonal Fruit with Abalone and Salmon Yee Sang followed by the Braised ‘Hu Die’ Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat Soup.

Diners also have the option of going for the Braised Chicken Soup with Chinese Herb ‘Chong Chao Hua’ and Sea Cucumber.

“Last year we did not have shark’s fin on our menus and some diners asked us about it, hence this year we are re-introducing the item,” said Lee.

2663BD2D7F484C1DA7EAC19064C5271FSpicy bites: Sauteed Fresh Prawns with Black Pepper Sauce.

The food sampling continued with the Braised Chinese Herb Chicken with Black Fungus which Lee took three hours to prepare.

“The chicken needs to be marinated, deep fried and then stuffed with clams, sea cucumber, black fungus, dried octopus, water chestnut and choy po (preserved vegetables) before letting it cook over slow fire for two hours,” he said.

His effort paid off as the chicken came out tender complemented with a flavourful sauce made from a mixture of the ingredients coupled with Chinese herbs, soy and oyster sauces.

The nine-course menu moved on with the Steamed Garoupa with Spicy Garlic Sauce, Braised Sea Cucumber with Mixed Mushrooms and Broccoli, Sauteed Fresh Prawns with Black Pepper Sauce, Sauteed Toh Yuen Fried Rice with Seafood.

For dessert, we had the Deep Fried Crispy Chinese New Year Cake with a bowl of Double Boiled Red Dates with Papaya and White Fungus each.

Two other set menus on the promotion is the Fortune (RM988++) and Happiness (RM1,188++) set. All three sets are suitable for a table of 10 persons and come with a bottle of wine each.

To order the Dragon Yee Sang with Abalone and Salmon, you need to give the hotel a three-day notice.

The promotion ends on Feb 6.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.


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