CHEAP and good makan places can be few and far between – especially in the Klang Valley.

I recently made a pit-stop at a nasi lemak stall in the Medan Selera Jalan 223 in Petaling Jaya and made friends with the stall owner.

Next to his stall was a banner announcing a nasi lemak cook-off.

And while we were chatting, the young man who runs the stall was complaining about the rising cost of living.

Bang, tak tahan la, ini naik, itu naik… (I can’t take it, everything is going up in price),” he griped.

Well, inflation aside, I was charged RM6.50 for a plate of nasi lemak with a piece of fried egg and three slices of dried squid.

What made my experience memorable was the fact that the guy complained a lot and his nasi lemak wasn’t good.


Great discovery: Wan Shoon coffee shop in Jalan SS20/11, Damasara Kim.

So, to make up for it, I went searching for a good place to have a bowl of noodles and ended up having lunch in Wan Shoon coffee shop in Damansara Kim.

Thanks to reader Sylvia Chong, I managed to find the stall that sells Kampar fishball noodles in the shop.

The quality of the noodle dish and what I paid for it was worth mentioning.

It cost me RM5 for the noodles with half a dozen stuffed tofu and fishballs.

And when it comes to taste, I’d rate it at 7 out of 10 on the Samo-scale.

What made my day was the cheap and good treat.

For an upscale township like Damansara, finding a bowl of noodles for under RM10 was definitely a treat.

I have been disappointed by many coffee shops that serve horrible-tasting and expensive noodle fare in the past, so this was a surprise find.

At least in this makan place, I don’t have people coming up to me complaining about inflation and the rising cost of living.

The Kampar noodle stall was previously from another coffee shop at the end of the row.

So, with the cheap treat in mind, I will spend more time exploring the neighbourhood.

Wan Shoon coffee shop (N 03 08.072, E 101 37.636) is located off Jalan SS20/11 and is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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