Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) invites the public to celebrate the upcoming holy month by breaking fast together with loved ones at BGR Iftar Sesama, while sharing the spirit of fellowship and togetherness.

With more than 200 types of food from the Malay, Western, Eastern and Indian kitchens to offer, BGR emphasizes that delicious dishes prepared by a group of experienced chefs are to be enjoyed not only with members of the family, but with the underprivileged.

For those who wish to partake of the delicacies on offer, BGR Restaurant has announced that they will donate 1% of its profits throughout this Ramadan al Mubarak to the Islamic Relief Malaysia fund. Through this contribution, it is hoped that the organisation will be empowered to hold more charitable activities, in particular those held to help the less fortunate.

BGR Restaurant will also work together with the Food Aid Foundation, to donate and save any surplus of food from the Ramadan buffet to give to those in need.

Throughout this Ramadan, BGR Restaurant will also create an Iftar Sesama contribution box for the people who want to donate food and clothing to the underprivileged, something that no restaurant has previously done before.

Iftar Sesama Ramadan Buffet

Iftar Sesama Ramadan Buffet

The highlight for the buffet involves the concept of ‘Farm in the City’ where visitors to the restaurant will be given the chance to pick some of the raw ingredients for the dishes straight from the tree.

In addition, there will be ‘live station’ where food is cooked right in front of you.

Iftar Sesama Ramadan Buffet

Iftar Sesama Ramadan Buffet

Promotion Period: 8 May – 3 June 2019


RM59.00nett for adults
RM29.00nett for children


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