Eighteen premium ingredients are the ‘treasures’ in special broth.

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IN the past, the poor villagers of Yuan Long, Hong Kong would prepare a special Chinese New Year dish with leftovers.

They would place all the ingredients in a pot and boil them together. This enabled everyone to enjoy at least a simple meal.

This dish consisting of various ingredients cooked in a pot was given the name ‘Treasure Pot’.

The dish later gained popularity and it is now famous even in Malaysia.

Six years ago, Dragon-i Restaurant chief executive officer Datuk Henry Yip decided to prepare the same meal with more premium food items for his family.

He served it at his family’s Chinese reunion dinner.

“Since I was already owner of a restaurant, I told my mother that we should sell this dish and it was such a hit among my friends as well,” he said.

Dragon-i’s premium Treasure Pots is loaded with fresh ingredients of good quality.

Among the 18 ingredients found in this dish are Braised Premium Chilean Abalones, Japanese Dried Scallops and Japanese Dried Oysters.

The ingredients are served in Dragon-i’s Special Broth or Superior Pork Bone Stock.

For the meal to be savoured, it must be kept warm and the process is similar to having steamboat.

“Place the treasure pot on a slow burner while you enjoy the meal,” said Yip.

This year, the Dragon-i Group collaborated with Hong Kong’s Iron Chef, Leong Man-To to further enhance the taste of Dragon-i’s Tresure Pot.

“The price and quality have remained the same over the last six years and it is value for money,” said Yip, adding that the Treasure Pot must be pre-ordered at least three days before Chinese New Year.

The take-away method for the Treasure Pot has also been improved.

“The Treasure Pot can be taken away hot or frozen. It will be packed in stainless steel pots for easier re-heating,” he said.

Each pot can be enjoyed by at least 10 people.

Among other new dishes this year are the limited-edition Signature Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot, Braised Chicken with Sea Cucumber and Abalone, and Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat.

Yip urged customers to place orders in advance as last-minute orders will not be entertained.

“Last year we had 12,000 Treasure Pot orders for Chinese New Year and this year we are expecting about 20,000 orders,” he said.

The Dragon-i Restaurant has several outlets nationwide.


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