Lot G31, Ground Floor,
Subang Parade,
Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5638 5508
Business hours: Mon-Sat, 11.00am-midnight;
Sun, 5.00pm-midnight (bar closes at 1.00am)
Pork free.

CHILLOUT Bistro & Restaurant at Subang Parade believes in giving the best to its patrons.

2B78E93A9D574158972AA90778D152DF  A place to relax: There staurant is a place for the Subang Jaya community to eat in a relaxed setting, whether by the bar (as seen here) or in an air conditioned comfort.

“Almost everything in our restaurant is made from scratch, including the breads, pizza crust, sauces and condiments, as we want to ensure quality and delivery of commitment,” said manager Emmanuel Devandran.

“One of our bestsellers — the Lamb Burger — is made from a homemade patty mixed with herbs, and served in a bagel.

“It is so popular that the limited quantities that are made daily sell off pretty quickly!”

Emmanuel said their intention was to have a place for the Subang Jaya community to eat in a relaxed setting, whether by the bar or in an air-conditioned comfort.

“Our menu offers something for the entire family,” he said.

82810805CFE646B1A049901C2462903EThree sauceson one plate:The Angel Hair Trio Past features past a done in three different styles— (clockwise,from bottom right) a glio olio, bolognese and carbonara— on a single plate.

Chillout’s fusion menu mixes influences from several cuisines — local, Thai, Indian, Asian, Western and Italian.

For starters, Emmanuel recommended the Thai Sushi featuring Fresh Tiger Prawns with Spicy Lime and Chilli Sauce.

“The tiger prawns are consumed raw. Just top it with the sauces to add taste,” he said.

Other house specialities are Claypot Prawns featuring Herb Garlic Prawn in Olive Oil served with Bread, Garlic Shrimps, Thai Crepe featuring Deep-Fried Homemade Pancake with Minced Prawns and Thai Sauce, Bangkok Wings and Chillout Platter.

The Tom Yam Seafood Soup Classic, a hot and sour seafood soup, would appeal to those who want an Asian soup, while the Wild Mushroom Soup was a Western option.

Chillout’s Tandoori Chicken Pizza is one of its most popular wood fire pizzas, which Emmanuel attributed to its unusual Indian influence and combination of five types of cheeses.

The wood oven pizza and tandoori menus, which are available from 5pm onwards, highlight items like Four Season Pizza, Moroccan Pizza, Kofta Pizza, Lamb Kebab, Tandoori Chooza, Masala Wala Fish Tikka, Kashmiri Naan, Masala Kulcha and Chapati Wrap with a choice of fillings.

Chillout’s Bangkok Rice is a serving of Spicy Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste served with Chilli, Dried Shrimp and Minced Chicken.

“To eat it, simply mix all the ingredients together. Taste-wise, it offers a range of flavours, including sweet, sour, spicy and salty,” said Emmanuel.

Other Asian specialities are the Geyland Pride featuring Fried Meehoon with Chicken, Beansprouts, Carrots and Shredded Fried Egg, Village Fried Rice served with Prawns, Squid, Egg, Onions, Kailan and BBQ Wing, Butter Goong featuring Stir-Fried Tiger Prawns with Butter, Chilli and Curry Leaf, Chennai Masala Chicken and Pathia Chicken.

Those who enjoy pasta but cannot decide on the sauce may go for the Angel Hair Trio Pasta, which features pasta done in three different styles — bolognese, carbonara and aglio olio — on a single plate.

The Western section offers a range of sandwiches and burgers, as well as fish, poultry and meats like Seabass Florentina, Moroccan Chicken, Mongolian Lamb Ossobucco, Surf and Turf, Sirloin Steak, Chicken Ballotin and Sesame-Crusted Salmon.

For sweet endings, there are desserts like Apple or Almond Strudel, Banana Mousse, Brownies Tiramisu and Cheese Cake.

Some of Chillout’s dishes come with a choice of level of spiciness, ranging from mild to medium to extreme (for those who enjoy a real spicy kick).

There is also a selection of vegetarian dishes.

In addition, Chillout offers a set lunch promotion, available from Mondays to Sundays, from 11.30am till 3pm.

Priced at RM9.90 nett, it presents a choice of Western or Asian dish or sandwich for the main course, and a drink.

This is the writer’s observation and not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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