Burger Bobby Simpang 3,
5 Jalan AU 5C/1,
Taman Lembah Keramat,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: Bob (013-640 2237)/
Caer (017-268 1781).

Burger Bobby is messy, delicious and comes in many creative guises.

THE Ramly burger isn’t simply a meat patty in a bun anymore. Over the last decade or so, our favourite street burger has been reinvented and improvised to make it more gratifying.

As a street burger lover, I’ve tried the basic, special cheese, double special cheese, triple special cheese, benjo double special cheese, deer meat burger, green apple burger, pineapple burger, black pepper burger … you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

Since my Top 5 Street Burgers hunt in Star Metro in July 2009, I’ve discovered many other burger stalls, thanks to recommendations from readers.

Someone recommended Burger Bobby Simpang 3, claiming that it was one of the best street burgers he had eaten. I wasn’t convinced at first, but Bobby (fondly known as Bob) proved me wrong. Bubbly, chatty and rotund, Bob’s friendly nature has made him popular among customers.

Unlike most burger stalls located outside 7-Eleven stores, Bob’s stall has existed in front of his house in Taman Lembah Keramat for the past eight years. His stall is brightly lit and clean, with the number plate WMF 4047 for decor. It seems to be bringing him a lot of ong (luck), as Bob sells an average of 450 burgers a day. Sometimes, it’s a long wait before I get my burger.

Chicken, beef, mutton, rabbit, deer and fish patties are available along with hotdogs – both normal size and jumbo. Bob uses olive oil to pan-fry the patties, as it is supposedly a healthier alternative to using margarine. As the patties cook, he adds dashes of Worcestershire sauce and pepper for extra flavouring. Like many good burger vendors, Bob has his own secret sauces – mayonnaise, black pepper sauce and chilli sauce – which he prepares himself.

C0AFCBC303E445FB8937FE43EE9DBD72Whopper of a burger:The Lamb Ties to Special Cheese is Bob’s best selling burger.

Bob also goes the extra mile by caramelising the onion slices with margarine and Worcestershire sauce. Instead of cabbage and cucumber as garnishes, he uses a generous portion of lettuce leaves. To be honest, I doubt the greens make his burgers any healthier because he adds plenty of mayonnaise as well!

My Ayam Double Special Cheese (RM6) was a huge tower of two chicken patties, egg wrap, cheese, lettuce, caramelised onions, mayonnaise, chilli sauce and black pepper sauce. Eating this was a messy yet tasty affair, and the burger was bigger than my palm. The sauces oozed out with each bite, smearing the sides of my mouth and nose. Those who enjoy saucy burgers will definitely enjoy this.

Bob’s best-seller is the Lamb Tiesto Special Cheese (RM7.50) and it is often sold out by 11pm. This burger comprises an oblong lamb patty and burger bun, egg wrap, cheese, lettuce, onion slices and sauces. It is just as messy and a bit more delicious than the chicken. The patty is scored to allow it to cook faster without compromising on the moistness in the centre. More pepper and black pepper sauce is added to give the patty extra kick. Egg, cheese and mayonnaise make it even richer. Utterly delicious!

22ADCAF626A64B62A81636BD11EF2905Bob has his own secret sauces which he piles generously on the burgers.

Bob’s Roti John (RM5) is a massive version of the humble Roti John made with hotdog, meat patty, egg and cheese, and topped with vegetables and sauces. Less sloppy compared to the first two burgers, but still delicious in its own way, this hotdog is sold out very quickly, so either call ahead to book one or get there early.

Alternatively, you can order the Hotdog King Special Cheese (RM6.50) which features a foot-long hotdog, halved and wrapped with cheese and egg. Truth be told, this wasn’t my favourite because I found the hotdog flavour one-dimensional. But don’t let my comments deter you from trying it.

The wait can be a bit long – 30 to 40 minutes during peak hours. If you’re impatient like me, call him with your order 15 minutes before arriving at the stall. If you live around the area, lucky you! Bob delivers for an additional 50 sen and you get to enjoy his burgers in the comfort of your own home.

This is the final instalment of Eating Spree. Tiong Sue Lynn blogs at bangsarbabe.com and tweets at twitter.com/bangsarbabe.

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