POPULAR restaurant chain The Manhattan Fish Market celebrated its 11th anniversary in December by introducing a new menu with many exciting dishes.

The Manhattan Fish Market operations manager David Lee said it is the brand’s philosophy to continuously introduce new dishes and improve their services to provide exceptional dining experience for customers.

“That is our way of showing appreciation to loyal patrons and to welcome new customers,” said Lee.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our new menu. We want to keep our patrons excited by introducing new dining adventures and dishes,” said Lee.

The Quad Delight consists of Fried Country Mushroom, Fried Calamari, Cranberry Coleslaw, and Chilled Seafood Mix.

The menu, features more than 20 new items, prepared and cooked in five different healthy methods.

Patrons will get to choose to have their seafood grilled, baked, fried, poached or flamed.

“Flaming is the brand’s signature, where the dishes are flamed before being served in front of the guests,” said Lee.

“Grilling seals the rich taste of the seafood; poaching preserves the moisture and the flavours of the seafood; frying makes seafood crunchy on the outside but juicy and tender in the inside, while baking helps to seal the flavour and aroma within.

“We pride ourselves with healthy cooking methods that offer the same great tasting dishes to customers. Whichever cooking method that they choose, we promise that they would enjoy their seafood to its fullest.”

Country- Style Fried Chicken

For starters, seafood lovers can try Chilled Seafood Mix, while mussel lovers can opt for Tex Mex Mussels, a classic recipe from the old Texas and Mexico.

For more variety or for a sharing, diners can try the Quad Delight that consists of Fried Country Mushroom, Fried Calamari, Cranberry Coleslaw, and Chilled Seafood Mix.

The Citrus Mesclun Salad comes with three add-ons like Cherry Snapper, Cajun Chicken and Crispy Whitebait.

For main dishes, patrons can choose the Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger, Citrus Baked Seafood, Country Style Fried Chicken, Grilled Salmon with Black Pepper Sauce and Calamari Mussels Chicken.

Citrus Baked Seafood

Vegetarians too now can enjoy the same flavourful pasta without onions and garlic with the new Veggie Olio.

New side dishes such as the Mashed Potato, Cranberry Coleslaw, House Salad, and Mac and Cheese are included in the new menu to complement the main dishes.

For details on latest promotions, call 03-7957 1118 or visit www.manhattanfishmarket.com or www.facebook.com/MFM.my

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