OLDTOWN White Coffee releases its new White Curry Series with a refreshing take on a hawker favourite.

OF late, white curry noodles have received a bit of a buzz, since the rest of the country has caught up with what Penangites have known all along: that their version of curry noodles is one level above.

A staple of the street food of Penang, this pale curry, the opposite of the red curry that we all know and love, has a trick up its sleeve to match the fiery reputation of any curry.

It starts off mild and weak-looking, a tepid and thin soup that doesn’t look like it can do any harm. But it comes with a dark globe of chilli paste to be stirred into the soup to your liking. That is when it miraculously morphs into a powerhouse of spice, with an aroma to match.

OLDTOWN White Coffee COO Clarence Leon D'Silva.

OLDTOWN White Coffee COO Clarence Leon D’Silva.

Aromatic and with a flavour all its own, Penang White Curry Mee should be on every foodie’s bucket list. Now, thanks to OLDTOWN White Coffee’s new White Curry Series promotion, you will not have to venture to the northern state to enjoy this delectable dish. Even better is the fact that the series offers a wide selection of options so that anyone can tuck in, no matter how often you frequent the cafe.

The popular cafe chain is collaborating with MyKuali, renowned for their Penang White Curry Instant Noodles, to offer this special promotion. OLDTOWN has combined their special broth with MyKuali’s White Curry paste for a truly unique noodle experience.

On the menu is a choice of five types of noodles, namely White Curry Mee, White Curry Mee Hoon, White Curry Pan Mee, White Curry Hor Fun and White Curry Macaroni. Pricing starts from RM7.90 to RM9.90.

The white curry broth is spicy and creamy, rich with flavour without overpowering the palate. Made with a base of evaporated milk instead of the usual coconut milk, the broth is infused with the 30 herbs and spices in the MyKuali paste. The end result is a white curry broth that must be tasted to be believed.

OLDTOWN’s white curry is made fresh daily on the premises, and served with fish balls, tofu puffs, long beans, crispy tofu skin, shallots and bean sprouts. The White Curry Mee is clearly the standout version. You can add on chicken and prawns, but the basic version is delicious enough.

The White Curry Mee is spicy, fragrant, and aromatic.

The White Curry Mee is spicy, fragrant, and aromatic.

“We don’t want the topping ingredients to overpower the white curry, which is why we keep them to a minimum,” OLDTOWN White Coffee COO Clarence Leon D’Silva said at a recent media tasting in Kuala Lumpur. The simple version is also very affordable for the average customer, which is what the chain restaurant puts a premium on.

“You can come here and have a full meal for under RM10,” he said, pointing out that you can add on OLDTOWN’s signature white coffee for just RM2.

The White Curry Pan Mee is the only version that is served with extra toppings like anchovies and sliced mushrooms. This is also the first time that OLDTOWN has pan mee on its menu; it is made and served fresh. Both pan mee and hor fun noodles have a springy texture that will delight even the discriminating noodle eater.

Interestingly, elbow pasta pairs well with curry and we found ourselves spooning up the White Curry Macaroni with gusto. This version should appeal to young guns who can handle the heat; after all, kids love macaroni.

If things get too hot to handle, however, you can “cool down” with Peanut White Freezy, a fire-dousing, soy-based peanut drink with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It goes down as smooth as milkshake, an instant balm to the white curry heat. (Add it on for just RM4.60 or à la carte RM7.80.)

The Peanut White Freezy™ is a good drink to cool down with after the White Curry’s spiciness.

The Peanut White Freezy™ is a good drink to cool down with after the White Curry’s spiciness.

After going through the lot, we can report − tongue firmly hanging out − that the White Curry Series is an innovative take on an old-school favourite done well.

OLDTOWN’s White Curry promotion begins on Nov 17 and ends on Jan 31 (while stocks last) and is available in almost all outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. OTWC will launch White Curry in East Malaysia from December. The promotion ends on Jan 31 (while stocks last).

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