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WITH a wide range of labels under its belt, a wine-tasting night at AsiaEuro Wines & Spirits Sdn Bhd can easily take one on a journey of taste, smell and sight from one end of the globe to another through wines from different regions.

“Such events can feature wines from one region, similar blends of grape varieties or even different wines from the same producer. In the end, the purpose is to offer the opportunity for one to try and compare wines,” company marketing manager Tan Yew Wei said.

He added that through wine-tasting sessions, one would also discover the effects wines had when paired with food.

One particular event saw a few people including AsiaEuro’s chairman Datuk Adrian Loh and operations director Toh Sek Piew and some guests trying out a variety of wines with a focus on those from France, a country long known for its fine wines.

F349D8B351DE41858D74814B886C5C33Listen up: (From right) Toh and Loh trying out a variety of wines with a focus on French wines.

The evening started off with the Château la Nerthe 2007 vintage that was produced in Rhône, France and contains 42% Grenache, 39% Syrah, 15% Mourvèdre and 4% Cinsault that comes together in a complex palate of mint, plums, lavender and black tea.

Then the Belleruche 2009 from one of the oldest vineyards in France, Côtes-du-Rhône, was served and gave a nose of red fruits, mainly morello cherries, and spices like liquorice and grey pepper followed by a great structure with firm yet silky tannins on the palate.

Next came the Chateau Bel Air 2007 with its rich and smoothness bursting with blackcurrant and red plum fruit.

Tan said its velvety texture suggests it would develop into a very delicious drinking wine in a few years time.

The Domaine Lacroix Vanel-Melanie Rouge 2005, offered smells of cassis, black raspberry, thyme, black tea, marjoram and charred meat with a generously fruity palate that exhibited considerably mineral depth.

Château de Fonbel 2007 — with a blend primarily of Merlot supplemented by Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and a hint of Carmenere — then made its way to the table to tantalise the nose while providing a fresh palate with a long finish that Tan said would be a great value-for-money bottle.

Our journey of French wines ended with the Chateau Teyssier 2007 that was a blend of mostly Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon with a bit of Cabernet Franc that provided summer fruit and candy notes.

The night’s wine adventure closed with a pleasant jolt of the Marques de Caceres — Rioja with its fruity aromas of fig, plum as well as leather, coffee and cigar.

AsiaEuro carries wines from all major wine producing regions in the world and has nearly a thousand labels.

“Apart from fine wines, all other wines we carry are exclusive labels. Generally, wine suppliers or principals will not work with more than one importer for a brand,” he said.

Tan added that there was no definition for a good wine and it was as good as in the eyes, or in this case tongue and nose, of the beholder.

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