The Roof, 1 First Avenue,
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 016-2291505
Business hours: 5pm-2am, daily.

Fusion of local, Western, Japanese and Thai flavours set to make dining a fun adventure.

TRY out signature dishes at The Roof’s Signature by the Hill restaurant and bar for a month as part of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF).

From Oct 1, MIGF is back in action for the 14th year running, with the Roof’s as one of the participants to look out for.

The interior of Signature by the Hill at the Roof.

The interior of Signature by the Hill at the Roof.

With a specially selected menu by head chef Shahrezal Ibrahim, patrons will be have plenty to delight in.

“We strive to create something fun, different and exciting. We put a lot of effort into our presentation,” he said.

This is evident in the four-course meal which is a fusion of local and Western flavours, with even a touch of Japanese and Thai.

For starters, the Signature Summer Salad is served on a wooden board with soft shell crabs placed to one side and tangy mango salad in a mini bowl.

This Japanese-inspired crispy soft shell crab dish is not only tasty but refreshing as well, with a mix of fruits and greens mixed in one.

Patrons can choose to go for a wine pairing option, where a glass of white Weingut Dr. Loosen Riesling Quo wine will be served.

Signature Summer Salad  Soft shell crabs served on a bed of arugula with signature mango summer salad.

Signature Summer Salad Soft shell crabs served on a bed of arugula with signature mango summer salad.

Up next is the Thai infused Signature Clear Coconut Seafood Soup, which is served with a side dish of chopped garlic and diced chili.

Filled with a variety of seafood like prawns, clams and squid, this clear soup is really clear and light rather than creamy or oily.

For the health conscious, this soup is a good palate cleanser before embarking on savouring the entree.

The entree is a choice between the New York Striploin or the Crispy Baramundi.


Crispy Baramundi.

Crispy Baramundi.


If going for red meat dish, patrons will be thrilled to find out that a personal tabletop Japanese charcoal ceramic BBQ set will be given together with the dish.

“We decided to do this so patrons will get to have more interaction with their food.

“They can also choose to cook the meat to their liking,” he said.

The meat will be marinated with a teriyaki sauce glaze and served with safron-infused capelini and sauteed vegetables served in a capsicum bowl. This is paired with a glass of Chandon Shiraz.

If patrons opt for fish, it will be served on a hotplate accompanied by Vietnamese glass noodles.

Signature Clear Coconut Seafood Soup.

Signature Clear Coconut Seafood Soup.

Together with the fish is a tangy sauce, which tastes a little like orange and lemons, poured onto the fish and into the noodles.

Paired with a glass of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, the fish is naturally sweet and tasty even without the drizzle of orange sauce.

“Eating is fun, so we want our customers to have fun while eating, and not just eating what is served,” said Shahrezal, who has been cooking since he was 16 years old.

To end the night, try their Signature Chendol with a Twist (top pic), consisting of homemade coconut ice-cream.

This comes served with pandan mousse, red bean and palm sugar brittle which is placed in a cone shaped bowl on top of dried ice, giving the dish the smoky effect.

Coffee or tea will be served with the dessert dish.

This menu is also available without the wine pairing option. Reservations are necessary.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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