Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:03-9059 2889
Business Hours: (Daily) 5.00pm to 12.00am

WHENEVER Popeye Lee came to Kuala Lumpur to visit his in-laws, he indulged happily in plenty of home-cooked Malaysian food and did not even leave out the snacks.

His wife, Denise Chin said Lee, who is from Hong Kong was always on the lookout for fresh seafood whenever he was given a choice to pick what to have for the day.

“Being a local, the first thing that comes to mind is steamboat since that is the best way to get and enjoy fresh seafood.


Take your pick: Lee with the wide variety of food items available at his restaurant.

“All he needs to do is pick what he wants and cook it in the pot,” said Chin.

Chin said her husband could not believe how Malaysians were so hooked on to the entire steamboat experience.

“Back home we enjoyed sitting in the open in the cool weather and having a warm meal like this with friends,” said Lee when met at his newly opened restaurant in Sri Petaling recently.

Lee, who has worked in a number of Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong and London, decided to open his own steamboat restaurant with his wife after calling Malaysia his new home.

Unlike local soup concoctions, the Hong Kong soup recipe has to be boiled for hours, hence diners get a taste of a more flavourful soup.

At his restaurant, patrons can choose from nine different types of soup.

Lee recommended his his speciality, the Pork Bone with Corn and Preserved Egg with Chinese Parsley.

The Pork Bone Soup, he said, was prepared using fresh bones and not frozen ones and was cooked for six hours on slow heat before adding in corn, radish, Chinese wolf berries, bok choy and herbs.

“We not only offer one type of soup but give our diners the flexibility of choosing what they want to have,” said Lee, adding the soups do not contain monosodium glutamate (MSG).

The other soups available are the Pepper Pork Broth, Shark Fin’s Bone, Chicken Marinated in Yellow Wine, Chew Chow, Fish, Thai Tom Yan and White Fungus Papaya Broth.

There are no set meals at the outlet so customers have to choose what they want to have from seafood, meat, meat balls to vegetables and light appetisers.

Its Hong Kong Grass Carp, which the outlet imports about 50 to 60 each week, is popular with the crowd thanks to its sweet and juicy taste.

“We slice it into thin slices and you only put it into the soup pot when you want to eat it, ” he said.


Juicy bites: Sliced Hong Kong Grass Carp is a specialty at the outlet.

A must-try would be the Hong Kong pork balls which are seasoned with carefully chosen mince pork together with prawns, mushrooms and parsley with a pinch of salt

On the meat selection there are slices of pork, lamb, chicken and beef to choose from while for the vegetables there are 40 different types one can choose from such as beancurd, mushroom, lettuce, cabbage, yam or yau mak.

If that isn’t good enough, add a plate or two of appetisers like the Fried Crab in Typhoon Shelter Style, Fried Shrimp Cracker, Salt and Pepper Bean Curd and Stewed Lamb Brisket with Bean-Milk stick in Pot.

At the restaurant Lee serves eight sauces namely garlic, red chilli, parsley, onions, dried chilli oil, Thai chilli, fermented bean curd and fried onions in oil.

“You can mix them all together or to your preferred taste and it is an essential condiment to every steamboat meal,” he said.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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