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WHEN it comes to Chinese New Year menus, it is all about auspicious names that symbolises good luck and fortune.

Sticking to tradition, the Summer Palace Restaurant in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa is offering Prosperity Chinese New Year Set Menus from now until Feb 6, all representing good fortune for the Year of the Dragon.

They are respectively priced at RM988++ (Good Returns Menu), RM1,288++ (Year of Prosperity menu) and RM1,688++ (Good Fortune Menu) per table of 10 people. There is also the Individual Fusion Set Menu priced at RM188++ per person presented through individual servings.

6ACD56A58EB94118B1ED770604AE1450Crunchy: Seafood lovers will like the Deep Fried Fresh Water Prawn with Mango Salad Pattaya Style.

Among the dishes are Braised Eight Treasure Chicken with Chinese herbs, Baked Australian White Sea Prawns with Egg Yolk and Seaweed and Braised Dried Seafood with Fatt Choy and Garden Greens.

We started off the food review with the Chinese New Year must-have — Salmon and Crispy Fish Yee Sang and tossed for good luck.

Next up, we were served Double Boiled Superior Shark’s Soup with Fish Maw, Dried Scallop and Wild Bamboo Pits.

Seafood lovers would relish the Deep Fried Fresh Water Prawn with Mango Salad Pattaya Style.

Sea moss (or fatt choy in Cantonese, which symbolises wealth) is one of the must-haves for Chinese New Year and chef Low Lam Chong included it in the Braised Baby Abalone with Chinese Oyster, Sea Cucumber and Seasonal Vegetable.

The abalone was well-prepared, resulting in an al dente texture.

One may not expect pasta in a Chinese New Year set menu, but the Special Fried Capellini Pasta with Seafood and Olive Oil provides a refreshing change from the usual noodles.

The scallops in the dish were cooked to my liking, succulent and flavourful.

For a sweet ending, the Double Boiled Six Treasure with Aloe Vera did the trick.

Toss for a good year ahead with yee sang.

Customers can opt for dine-in or take-away with prices ranging from RM48++ to RM288++ with varieties such as the vegetarian Korean pear, salmon yee sang, salmon with mesclun (a mixture of salad greens) mix, salmon and crispy fish, salmon-amaebi and salmon roe.

324CA1559C5A4DF3A3F57C44353316ADSweet Ending: Double Boiled Six Treasure with Aloe Vera, a nourishing concoction of fresh lilies, red dates,lotus seeds, snow fungus, aloe vera and water chestnuts.

During the Chinese New Year period, there are six additional dim sum specialties that include Steamed Scallop Dumplings with Fatt Choy, Deep-Fried Crispy Seafood Puff, and Deep-Fried Prawn Balls with Mayo.

It is available until Feb 6 and priced at RM12++ per portion. The All-you-can-eat dim sum lunch is priced at RM68++ per person.

There will be a lion dance performance at the hotel on Jan 31 at 1pm, which is the ninth day of the Chinese New Year.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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