Jalan 17/56, Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7931 6465
Business hours: Noon to Midnight (Monday to Friday) and 10am to 1am (Weekends).

Restaurant serves brunch menu for late risers.

Weekends are the perfect time for brunch and an eatery in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, has recently unveiled a brunch menu for late risers.

Using homemade recipes, The Gastro Project’s (TGP) 10-item menu sees some Asian, Western and Middle Eastern influences in its meals.

The Gastro Project

The Gastro Project (TGP) located at Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

During a recent food review, I sampled four of their brunch selections.

I tried a TGP favourite, the Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Poached Egg with Hollandaise Sauce on Toast (top pic), which did not disappoint.

A slice of toast was topped with avocado, salmon, alfafa sprouts and a poached egg, among other ingredients, with the yolk oozing upon contact with my knife.

While I was not a fan of the Hollaindaise Sauce, the dish did prove to be a delicious treat.

Another recommended dish was the home-made French toast spread with kaya and a sprinkling of toasted almonds.

Served with slivers of fresh bananas drizzled with honey, TGP’s version of the French toast had a very homely touch to it, with the kaya spread giving the dish a Malaysian twist.

While delicious on its own, the French toast, made with multigrain bread, is best eaten with bananas while the toasted almonds gave a light nutty crunch to each bite.

TGP’s Baked Eggs served with Garlic Toast comes with an option of two fillings — spicy sausage or spinach and mushrooms.

Baked Eggs served with Garlic Toast comes with an option of two fillings, including spicy sausage or spinach and mushrooms.

Delicious Baked Eggs served with Garlic Toast.

I tried the latter, which contained a hearty filling of the two vegetables.

Not overly seasoned or overcooked, the dish had a nice texture and I would be keen to go back to try the spicy sausage.

Simple yet flavourful, their Turkey Bacon and Mushroom shortcrust tart with a side salad is another delicious option for patrons.

Not too heavy or light, I was happy to find that the crust was not dry, which is often the case at many eateries.

Other items available on the brunch menu include Fluffy pan cakes with Maple syrup, Berry compote and Chantilly cream, Spicy Chicken Curry Pie in puff pastry with Cucumber Raita, Chicken and Avocado salad wrapped in Flatbread served with fries, Greek style yogurt layered with toasted Muesli, Berry Compote and fresh sliced Banana, Lamb Kebabs with Flatbread, Olives and TGP’s special Tomato pesto and TGP Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, Prawn Sambal and Condiments.

Patrons can add RM3 for juice, tea or coffee with any brunch menu meal.

TGP’s brunch menu is available from 10am to 3pm on weekends, while prices can vary between RM17.90 to RM29.90.

This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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