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ANGUS House Japanese Charcoal Steak?s expertise in preparing premium beef with such reverence that it ultimately melts in the mouth, affords bovine connoisseurs divine, gourmet experiences.

The swanky eatery in Gurney Paragon Mall is renowned for its varied selection of charcoal-grilled or charbroiled steaks using the finest, chilled Master Kobe, Wagyu and Black Angus beef.

These pampered cattle breeds are prized for their rich fat marbling which melts into the meat when cooked, infusing it with intense flavours and resulting in a juicy texture that makes every bite, a heavenly one.

While the Wagyu and Black Angus are
a cut above regular beef with a marbling ratio of at least nine, the Master Kobe is preeminent among those seeking an ethereal gastronomic experience, with a rating of

According to Angus House co-owner Y.S. Yoong, its method of cooking the imported meat over charcoal, with minimal seasoning or marinades, was designed to accentuate and enhance its inherent, natural taste.

Besides creating beautiful sear marks, it also seals in the juices, makes it delightfully tender and imparts a distinctive smoky character.

As its name implies, there is a Japanese touch to Angus House?s offerings, like the special sauce its steaks are paired with ? an umami-rich glaze that is both savoury and tangy.

For the ultimate indulgence, opt for the piece-de-resistance ? the Master Kobe Beef Steak. Though priced at a premium, those who appreciate the finer nuances should find it worthwhile.

Otherwise, go for the Black Angus or Wagyu, tenderloin, sirloin or rib-eye steaks, which are available in different sized portions, either a la carte or paired with various accompaniments for a complete meal.

The Steak Combo, which comprises slabs of beef tenderloin and lamb rack, offers variety on a platter. Both meats play starring roles and illustrate the chef?s mastery of the grill.

Though beef is predominant, Angus
House also caters for a wide variety of palates with its myriad seafood, poultry and pasta items, as well as a vast selection of wine labels.

For a delicious sampling of aquatic morsels, one cannot go wrong with the Mixed Seafood Combo, a lovely pairing of king prawns and American cod.

All grilled items are served on custom-made brass plates. Due to its excellent heat conductivity, they maintain food at warm temperatures and add a dramatic sizzle.

There are also some 20 choices of Spaghetti and Tagliatelle, tossed with cream or tomato-based sauces, along with ingredients such as Pollack roe, salmon roe, abalone, scallops, cuttlefish, mushrooms and bacon.

Value-conscious diners might find the Set Lunch, priced from RM22 ++ onwards, an enticing option. There are 17 choices, ranging from Japanese-styled beef, chicken and seafood bento sets to hearty pasta meals.

Angus House is pork-free and has sister outlets in Starhill Gallery and Publika Shopping Gallery in the Klang Valley. All feature sleek and sophisticated d


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