IF DESSERTS figure prominently on your list, there are a few suggestions that will make it easier for you to get your regular fix.

Cakes and cookies

Set in a cosy corner next to TGIF restaurant at Level 4, Delectable By Su offers designer cakes, sinful desserts and sweet bites that would probably leave you craving for more.

Su-Yin or Su, the owner of Delectable serves up cakes and cookies of her original creation and caters for all occasions from birthdays to weddings and festive celebrations.

The history behind it was that Su discovered her passion for desserts while studying in Australia.

Since then she has been on the fast track with the opening of her second outlet in Pavilion after her first outlet at The Gardens Mall received good support. As you walk in, you will be amazed by the wide variety of cupcakes, brownies, nutty treats, parfaits, macaroons, layered cakes and chilled desserts in signature Delectable canisters and bottles.

If you are fan of chocolate, the seven sins of chocolate would be your choice, as it is the outlet’s best seller.

A spoonful of this dessert would not be sufficient as you would be tempted to finish it within seconds.

The Belgian cheese cake is a must-try for those who love the combination of cheese and chocolate in their dessert.

The cakes and desserts of your choice can be boxed and wrapped in a variety of signature ribbons and plastic cases available. Among the other treats are pineapple tarts, meringue candies, cappucino cookies, butter buttons, caramel latte macaroons, citron cumquet (macaroons made of mandarin oranges), layer cake (with or without prunes) and chocolate strawberry tier cake.

For details, contact 012-508 1855 or e-mail su@delectable.com.my

Wobbly little delights

JELLIES are often loved by children but you would be surprised to see adults reaching out for these desserts at the Q-Jelly Bakery Shop at the Pavilion KL.

The jelly cakes at Q-Jelly come in different designs, from Barbie dolls with big gowns and fruitcakes to animals at the zoo and Marvel superheroes.

The Q-Jellies are said to be low in cholesterol and packed with nutrients.

There are more than 1,000 designs of jellies available for you to choose from and some can be custom-made to your heart’s desire.

You will definitely be spoilt for choice as the shop offers a variety of flavours like pandan, strawberry, chocolate, mocha, blueberry, fresh mangoes, honeydew, watermelon, dragon fruit and orange.

Children will love Q-Jelly as the bakery can design the pieces according to their favourite pictures and flavours.

Q-Jelly is located at Lot P1.03.00, Pavilion KL and for details contact, 03-2144 1159 from 10am to 10pm.

Cold and cool treat

THE Art’s Cream Gallery would be the next stop for those who love ice-cream.

Dessert-lovers will be treated to 40 variety of flavours.

Located at Level 6 of Pavilion KL, this outlet only sells the finest gelato, an Italian ice-cream low in butter fat, which has no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

If you are treating a group of friends, try the One For All Grande, which serves up to four to five people at RM39.90.

It comes in 10 flavours of your choice.

Children would definitely love the Banana Split (Junior or Grande), as they get to pick their very own flavours from Smurf Berry to the durian flavour.

The outlet also serves salads, pastries, pizza, doughnuts, croissants, pies, Italian pasta and a wide selection of coffee (hot and cold).

Art’s Cream Gallery also does catering services for weddings, birthdays and special occasions.

Besides Pavilion, other Art’s Cream outlets are at Bukit Antarabangsa Petronas Service Station in Kuala Lumpur and Petronas Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI).

For details, visit http://www.pavilion-kl.com/ or customerservice@pavilion-kl.com.

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