IT’S the month of Ramadan now, which calls for some thought when planning meals during sahur and iftar. Frequenting Ramadan bazaars and ordering takeaways including kuih are one way to ensure meals are available during these hours.

But why not change up the pace and use this opportunity to practice your kuih-making skills, and maybe even try wooing your family and in-laws during Raya with your newfound skills?

Here we’ve listed a few recipes for you to do just that. Who knows, perhaps your kuih will end up as the next family tradition!

1. Kuih Bingka Ubi

Kuih Bingka Ubi

2. Tapioca Sago Kuih


3. Red bean Layer kuih

Red bean layered kuih

4. Kuih Koci

Kuih koci

5. Kuih Talam

Kuih Talam

6. Tapioca and Sweet Potato Kuih

Tapioca and sweet potato kuih

7. Kuih Lapis

Kuih Lapis

8. Gula Melaka Tapioca Kuih

Gula Melaka Tapioca kuih

9. Yam Layered Kuih

Yam Layered Kuih. For Cook's Nook by Amy Beh. *** Local Caption *** Yam Layered Kuih

10. Gula Melaka Kuih Kosui.

Kuih kosui

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