• Prep Time 30 minutes
  • Cook Time 20 minutes
  • Serving For 4 people
  • Difficulty Normal

Recipe Ingredient

  • 1 sandwich loaf
  • 1 tin sardines
  • Mix into a paste:
  • 1 tbsp curry powder
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 10 quail´s eggs, hard-boiled and sliced lengthwise in halves; keep the white portion and mash the yolks
  • 1 hard-boiled egg yolk
  • A dash of salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp plain yoghurt
  • Garnishing:
  • Parsley and chilli, chopped


  1. Cut 20 slices of bread rounds with a 7cm fluted pastry cutter. Heat 1 tbsp oil and fry curry paste for a while then leave to cool. Mix with 1 tbsp margarine till smooth. Then spread on bread rounds.
  2. Lay each round in a fluted patty tin and press down bread with another patty tin to keep it in shape. Bake at 150 ºC until crisp and light brown. Cool bread shells on a wire rack.
  3. Mash sardines. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and 1 tbsp margarine till smooth, then set aside.
  4. Mash together quail´s egg yolks and the extra egg yolk. Add yoghurt, a pinch of salt and pepper to form a smooth paste.
  5. Scoop 1 tsp sardine paste into each bread shell. Pipe egg yolk filling into the hollow white shells of the quail´s eggs using a star nozzle. Place the egg halves onto the bread shells and garnish with chopped parsley and chillies.

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