• Prep Time 10 minutes
  • Cook Time 20 minutes
  • Serving For 5 people
  • Difficulty Normal
This recipe is best with
Anchor Extra Stretch

Recipe Ingredient

  • Maccaroni & Cheese:
  • 15g Anchor Salted Butter
  • 15g All Purpose Flour
  • 150g Anchor UHT Full Cream Milk
  • 80g Anchor Colby & Cheddar Shredded
  • 20g Yellow Mustard
  • Salt, to taste
  • Course Black Pepper, to taste
  • 180g Pre-Boiled Maccaroni
  • 10g Perfect Italiano Aged Parmesan Grated
  • Other Ingredients:
  • 5 Sausage
  • 5 Long Bun
  • 100g Chopped Onion
  • 5g Chopped Parsley
  • 100g Mayonnaise
  • 250g Prepared Grill Chicken
  • 400g Anchor Extra Stretch Mozzarella Shredded
  • Dry Pasley, for garnish


    Maccaroni & Cheese:
  1. Melt the Anchor Salted Butter, add in flour. Keep stirring for 3minutes.
  2. Pour and whisk in Anchor UHT Full Cream Milk, a bit at a time until all milk finish.
  3. Add Anchor Colby & Cheddar, mix well until cheese melts.
  4. Add in yellow mustard, salt, black pepper, and whisk til combines.
  5. Place in pre-boiled macaroni into the prepared sauce, mix and combine, set aside.
  6. To Prepare Sausage:
  7. Pan-fry the sausage for around 3 minutes until golden brown, set aside.
  8. To Assemble:
  9. Prepare the bread by cutting the middle part, remove a bit the inner part of the bread. This will give space for other ingredients.
  10. Mix the chopped onion, parsley & mayo, then spread evenly inside of the bread.
  11. Then add in slices of grilled chicken and the pan-fried sausage.
  12. Place 1 full ladle of prepared Maccaroni & cheese along the sausage, cover with mozzarella.
  13. Bake in a preheated oven with temperature of 180°C for 10minutes or until cheese are nicely melted & golden brown.
  14. Sprinkle with parsley, Enjoy!

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