Lui Cha


4 pieces firm bean curd (tau kon), diced
100g dried shrimps, soaked, rinsed and chopped
200g sweet potato leaves, finely shredded
200g long beans, diced
200g onion, diced
200g dried radish (choy po), soaked for 20–25 minutes, minced
150g sweet bean curd (thim fu chok), shredded
200g leek
2–3 tbsp oil
2–3 tbsp sesame oil

[(For the soup)]

250g polygonum leaves
80g mint leaves
1 tbsp green tea leaves
250ml superior soup stock


½ tsp chicken stock granules
½ tsp salt


Deep-fry bean curd in hot oil until fragrant. Drain well.

Heat oil and sesame oil in a clean wok and fry shrimps until fragrant and crispy. Dish out and set aside. Add a little more oil and sesame oil to the wok and stir-fry the rest of the ingredients separately. Toss and fry until fragrant. Dish out and put into separate bowls.

To prepare the soup: Blend polygonum leaves, mint leaves and tea leaves in a food processor, adding a little boiled water gradually. Pour in superior stock to mix and blend for a minute. Pour out the blended ingredients into a non-stick saucepan. Bring to a low simmering boil for a while.

To serve: Put a ladleful of hot cooked rice into a serving bowl. Top with a little of each of the prepared ingredients. Pour over 2 tablespoons of soup. Serve immediately.

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