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Freshly caught:Seafood is aplenty inBagan Lalang.Freshly caught:Seafood is aplenty inBagan Lalang.

SEPANG (P113) is Selangor?s southern-most parliamentary constituency with three state seats (N54 Tanjung Sepat, N55 Sungai Pelek and N56 Dengkil).

And when it comes to some good makan places, you can skip Sepang and head straight to Tanjung Sepat.

This fishing village is located about 27km away from Banting and is roughly about 91km from Kuala Lumpur?s city centre.

As far as tourism is concerned, this is one of the most successful destinations in Selangor, offering some unique attractions.

Speaking about food, you can give the town?s famous fish bak kut teh a try at Yik Kee seafood bak kut teh (GPS N02 39.671, E 101 33.567) and Ah Hock?s stall (N 02 39.606, E 101 33.678) in Jalan Pasar in Tanjung Sepat town.

Iced delicacy: Cendol Pulut Antarabangsa.Iced delicacy: Cendol Pulut Antarabangsa.

Both makan places come highly recommended and if you want to eat there, be sure to head down early as opening hours are from 7am to 11am.

If you are a coffee lover, the Kow Zha B shop (N 02 39.593, E 101 33.629) near the hawker centre is worth a visit.

This is not a coffeeshop, but a retail outlet selling coffee beans and powder including pre-packed sachets.

It is a family-owned business managed by the third-generation now.

To savour Kow Zha B?s special brew, head opposite the road to Hai Yew Heng coffeeshop (N 02 39.602, E 101 33.641).

A glass of chilled Kopi-O peng costs RM1.50 and also highly recommended is the Sang Yuk Pau (RM2.20 a piece).

Yummy frit ters: Hung Cheong Chan in Dengkil is known for their Chinese crullers.Yummy frit ters: Hung Cheong Chan in Dengkil is known for their Chinese crullers.

The shop also owns a pau bakery across the road, next to Kow Zha B coffee retailer. The famous dumplings here are the peanut pau and the mui choy pau (preserved vegetables) which is one of the best in the country.

On the outskirts of Tanjung Sepat, Cendul Pulut Antarabangsa (N02 39.894, E 101 32.446) is a must-try if you are headed towards Pantai Morib and Banting.

The major tourist attraction in Tanjung Sepat are the ?Lover?s Bridge?, which is a fisherman?s wharf where the catch of the day is offloaded on a daily basis.

Another place which is worth a visit is the mushroom farm (N 02 39.476, E 101 32.216) located at the far end of town.

Moving on, about 21km away from Tanjung Sepat is Bagan Lalang (N 02 36.191, E 101 41.308) which falls under the Sungai Pelek constituency.

Here, the beach can rival that of Pantai Morib (further up north, about 38km away).

Yow char kwai for the sou l: Dengkil?s Hung Cheong Chancoffeeshop?s deep-fried dessert.Yow char kwai for the sou l: Dengkil?s Hung Cheong Chancoffeeshop?s deep-fried dessert.

This is a decent place to chill out and when it comes to having your makan, Sungai Pelek has a few places that are noteworthy.

For seafood, head to Restoran Sungai Pelek (N 02 38.667, E 101 42.926) where the fried Hor Chien (oyster omelette) and steamed pomfret is worth a try.

Now, if you are a black char koay teow lover, one of the most endearing makan places is Sungai Pelek char koay teow (N 02 38.575, E 101 42.992) which is located off the town?s main road.

The owner is a third-generation char koay teow seller and at RM4 a plate, the servings were generous.

If you decide to give this place a try, be sure to garnish your plate of char koay teow with some pickled green chillies as the concoction will give it that ?oomph!?.

What I like about this stall is the fact that the noodles was not too salty or oily.


Simple but delicious: Sungai Pelek?s char koay teow man at work.

The next town after Sungai Pelek is Sepang. Nothing much here, so we give it a miss.

Last on the list is Dengkil, which is nearer to Putrajaya, the nation?s administrative capital.

Here, Restoran Sinki (N 02 51.518, E 101 40.792) is a highly-recommended makan place. They are known for their udang galah in sweet sauce and deep-fried garoupa.

If you want some really good Chinese dessert, Hung Cheong Chan coffeeshop which is just next door serves Yau Char Kwai (fried Chinese crullers) at 80sen a stick.

You can also give their Sang Yuk Pau (RM1.80) a try and their Chinese Nasi Lemak is also a favourite.

Sepang is a large area and is best covered with your own vehicle. There are very few public transport services from Kuala Lumpur to places like Tanjung Sepat, Sungai Pelek and Dengkil.

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