NOTHING tastes better than traditional food and the owners of the newly opened Anushka Restaurant at Taman Alam Jaya Cheras, knows this.

Anushka is a joint venture between two sisters — Anushia Muneandy, 25, and Kalai Muneandy, 40.

They said the idea of opening an Indian restaurant occurred to them after watching their father handle a number of mamak-styled restaurants.

Kalai, a teacher, is considered a talented cook by members of her family while Anushia has a flair for business with her degree in Business.

“We have helped our dad out at his restaurants so we know the ropes of the business. My degree in business has also really helped me a lot,” Anushia said.

Looking for an edge over the competition, the sisters decided to source for the best traditional food that had become uncommon these days.

They have brought down a chef from India and they are particular about the spices they use so they decided to grind it themselves.

Their menu boasts dishes with various types of mutton preparations made with Kampung mutton — a favourite among locals.

273CEA2C6A4544F98370C7B2C8A00233Plenty of choice:Some of the wide variety of dishes available at Anushka.

Bone marrow dishes like perattal are another must-try while the mutton perattal will leave you licking your fingers.

Each dish is made with a lot of attention to detail and the aromatic spices add to the taste of the dish.

Another one of their famous dishes is the kodal (intestines) curry and the Kanda Nandu (large crabs) that are quite difficult to source.

Briyani lovers can also sample their long grained mutton and chicken briyani that is made on the spot upon order.

The wholesome meal is served in a claypot to preserve the taste and comes with a curry that adds to the taste of the well-seasoned dish.

Those looking for lighter dishes can opt for the “Tiffin”, made up of tosai and puttu.

Both these dishes also have their own variations like the Tosai Kever and Atta Puttu (whole wheat flour puttu).

On the day of the restaurant’s opening, the crowd came in droves to sample the meals at the restaurant.

Restaurant Anushka Banana Leaf is located at 4A, Jalan Alam Jaya 15, Taman Alam Jaya, Cheras, Selangor. It is open from 7am to 10pm daily.

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