OVER the past five years Tai Thong had sold some nine million mooncakes, an amount they themselves could not believe.

The delicacy which is only available once a year during the Mid Autumn Festival is now their best selling product to date.

It is no different this year as the Chinese restaurant chain prepares to usher the festival with five new mooncake flavours which Tai Thong Group executive chef Yiu Wing Keung had based upon the four seasons.

A3B08A4655C04A48AFC6FE503A86D4B9Snowy goodness: Try the Snowy White Lotus and Sesame with Custard which is an almond infused baked mooncake with sesame paste and custard creme in the middle.

The four seasons series offer consumers a taste and look of each season in the new mooncake line-up from spring, summer to autumn and winter.

Yiu introduced the flavours and explained what were the ingredients for each of the variety during the launch by Tai Thong Group food service operations (general manager) Pan Vui Shang at the Imperial Garden Restaurant in Petaling Jaya.

He started of with the Wholesome Wheatgrass with Single Yolk which was a spring taste filled with wheat grass extract and a salted egg yolk while his summer pick was the Golden Honey Grapefruit with Pineapple which has the tropical blend of grapefruit lotus paste coupled with pineapple jam in it.

For his Autumn choice, Yiu chose a favourite Malaysian ingredient, the sambal udang to be added into his mooncakes.

“Something spicy is always good to have especially during autumn and that was when we decided to introduce our Shrimp Sambal flavour to our customers again,” he said adding that each of the new mooncakes were priced at RM16 per piece.

The white lotus with shrimp sambal is a baked mooncake filled with white lotus paste and dried shrimp sambal in the core area.

For winners customers can try the snowy white lotus and sesame with custard which is an almond infused baked mooncake with traditional white lotus with sesame paste and custard creame in the middle.

Those who like Snow Skin Mooncakes will be delighted to know that the new Chocolate Yogurt with Cranberry Bits (RM15 per piece) is available this year, complementing the existing flavours such as Lotus Red Bean, Lotus Single Yolk, Yam Paste Single Yolk, Durian Coulis, Silky Vanilla Chestnut, Raspberry and Blueberry, Black Sesame and Green Beans with Cheese and the Japanese Potato with Custard.

Besides that, customers can look forward to the return of best-sellers like the Lotus Paste Double Yolks, Jade Custard, Chocolate Infused Mocha Milk Tea and the Assorted Fruit Nuts with Chicken Bits.

Tai Thong is also reaching out to their internet savvy customers by running a two-month long social media contest theme the Sweetest Snapshot on its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/taithong).

The public are invited to snap photos of the new Four Seasons Series gift boxes, post it on the page and complete the sentence “I love Tai Thong Mooncakes because …” in less than 25 words.

Contestants whose photos receive the most number of “likes” in a week will walk-away with an Apple iPad or an iPhone each.

The contest ends on Sept 4. Tai Thong Mooncakes are available at participating Tai Thong restaurants, hypermarkets and mall kiosks.

For details, call 1800-88-2338 (9.30am-9.30pm daily including public holidays) or log onto www.taithong.com.my

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