THERE is hope in Banting.

If you love char koay teow fried with a blend of thick and black soya sauce, this little town in south-western Selangor is the place to be.

Now, I have written earlier about Jipun char koay teow, a family-owned business in Jalan Beringin, off Banting’s main road, that serves some decent fare.

This story generated plenty of interest and a reader had written in to inform me of another stall within the vicinity.

985A86688F054A25813553CDC7ABF8E0Simple and good: The writer’s dinner.

So, I set out to locate this place and to record the event, the generous folks from Olympus Malaysia had loaned me one of their flagship micro four-third cameras — the EP-3.

My Canon powershot G12 compact camera had gone bananas and while I grieve its demise and await the arrival of the new G1x, the Olympus EP-3 came in handy.

With the mirrorless camera body, I was also issued a 14-42mm zoom lens to complete my task.

So, with the photographic equipment which was on loan, I set out on a 200km ride from my home in USJ26 to Bagan Lalang and back.

My motivation was a hot plate of char koay teow and way into the night after cycling for more than 10 hours and clocking-in 145km in distance, I found a stall called “Banting Char Koay Teow” (GPS N 02 49 058, E 103 30 182).

Here, I wasted no time in ordering a plate of black sauce char koay teow.

The stall has two cooks — an elderly man and a teenage girl.

5372BC800CD54E7C821511FEC4B8CB05Latest discovery: The char koay teow stall in Jalan Beringin, Banting.

Since I don’t speak Mandarin or Hokkien, I placed the order by speaking in Malay.

The girl understood what I wanted: Koay Teow-Mee with lots of taugeh (beansprouts).

Service was prompt and in a flash, my order came with a glass of iced barley drink.

The bill came up to RM5.50 which was pretty impressive.

And compared to Jipun char koay teow, I must say that this stall has the edge.

The noodles tastes better with generous portions.

I used the Olympus EP-3 to record the food and place and it did a decent job with an impressive picture quality to match its features.

Now, after finishing up, I asked the owner of the stall on his operation hours.

He said that the stall opens daily from 2pm – 11pm, which means he caters mainly for the tea, dinner and supper crowd.

Banting char koay teow is located in a roadside hawker centre along Jalan Beringin in Banting.

For directions on how to get there, do a search on ‘Google Maps’.

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