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CHINA Treasures’ chef David Pam is not breaking into a sweat because he has it all worked out.

After spending approximately one month to come up with a selection of prosperity menus for the Chinese New Year, he can now take pride in the sumptuous fare which is being offered to his diners.

The old hand at Chinese cooking did the clever thing by including some of his popular ala carte items and then, jazzed up his menus with new creations of the season.

452B84952E1F4EED8201737E5DCFA00CToss for good luck: Salmon & Chinese Pear Yee Sang prepared by chef David Pam and his team.

Hence, those who love picking up the Pan Fried Crystal Prawns with Portuguese Sauce and licking their fingers afterwards, can still do so this Chinese New Year as it shares the spotlight with the newbies.

The prawn dish has been given a slight make-over with golden and dark sultanas as garnish.

Happy to be re-acquainted with the dish, I was also glad to see chef Pam’s roast duck speciality on our lunch menu.

He said the Roast Duck ‘Pi Pa’ Style serving was slightly different from the regular ala carte roast duck because the skin in this dish was far crispier.

The shiny dark brown skin was just a mask to what lies beneath — yummy, tender soft and tasty duck meat over a bed of thick, aromatic gravy made from Hoi Sin sauce and Chinese herbs.

Put together, the crunchy skin and juicy meat were the secret recipe to a tasty duck.

The Steamed Australian Grouper Unicorn Style and Fried Rice with Yam and Mustard Leaf were some of the new dishes to usher in the Lunar New Year.

The former was indeed a pretty serving with abalone mushroom, shiitake, fish slices and carrot arranged one after the other to form the body of the fish.

Simple and attractive, the fish slices were nicely accompanied by carrot slices and chewy flavour-soaked mushrooms, which adds crunchiness and texture to this presentation.

Dining on fish is synonymous with having a smooth year ahead and the other dish celebrants to look out for is the Braised Dried Oyster with Black Moss and Dried Beancurd Skin.

8C814615A1254A0DBA496C9E4078CEE4Colourfully done: The Steamed Australian Grouper ‘Unicorn’Style is layered with abalone mushroom, shiitake, fish slices and carrots.

In this dish, the black moss (fatt-choy), yet another ingredient that connotes prosperity, got quickly spooned up by those wanting all the luck they can get at our table.

For dessert, we enjoyed the lovely Double Boiled ‘Hang Zhou’ Chrysanthemum with Sea Coconut and Chinese New Year Cake with Yam after having a bowlful of fried rice.

Needless to say, the happy diners at this media luncheon also tossed for prosperous days ahead with the Salmon and Chinese Pear Yee Sang at the start of our meal.

The thick plum sauce used to bind the yee sang ingredients together was unforgettable as chef Pam finds mixing apple jam into his sauce, peps up the taste. I have to agree.

Unlike other yee sang offerings I have tried, the julienne turnip was a little thick, giving each mouthful of yee sang mix extra crunch but personally, I enjoy the finer strings of turnip and carrots than the thick strands.

The seven Prosperity Sets including a Dim Sum Prosperity Set, are available until Feb 17, priced from RM588++ to RM1,888++. The dim sum set is priced at RM48++ per person with a minimum of two diners.

The set menus come with jasmine tea, tidbits and complimentary RM50 voucher for China Treasures.

China Treasures will be open for the reunion dinner on Feb 2 and Chinese New Year days ahead.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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