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CHEF Massimo Zampar’s culinary journey began in his home kitchen when he was 15, with his mother as his mentor.

Today, the 34-year-old Italian has travelled to England, Spain, Turkey and the Philippines to work in different restaurants.

Always keen to gain more experiences outside of his country of origin, he arrived on Malaysian shores to work in Langkawi in 2010 and joined Neroteca as the executive chef one month ago.

“Italian food is very simple. When you have pasta, tomato, extra virgin olive oil and garlic, you can make a dish,” chef Zampar said.

But, it certainly takes years of experience before one can cook with the ease and confidence of Zampar to win over patrons’ taste buds.

The serious looking chef takes pride in the classic Italian food served at Neroteca.

“We use traditional recipes and source fresh ingredients from Italy, besides using local produce.

“And we have an Italian chef,” he addedwith a laugh.

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