Oriental Viva,
3rd floor, Viva Home Shopping Mall,
85 Jalan Loke Yew, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9283 8833/ Fax: 03-9283 9933
Business Hours: (Daily)
11.00am – 3.00pm,
6.00pm – 11.00pm

UOB card members will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to dine, from the 20 restaurants participating in the UOB Chef’s Creation taking place till June.

However, should the taste buds crave for something Asian, the Oriental Viva would be the place to head to.

The restaurant which opened its doors in January, specialises in traditional Cantonese and barbecue dishes.

In its specially created six-course set menu for the promotion, are an interesting offering of savoury dishes injected with a flair of creativity.

Take the first dish on the menu, the Deepfried Stuffed Australian Scallop with Chilled Prawn in Mango Sauce.

FAFFF6F47F9F426A957F8BA418EC7804up: Master chef Lau gave his insight on the promotion menu at  Oriental Viva.

The scallop was served on its shell, adorned with pumpkin flakes, while the prawn item, was elegantly placed inside a shot glass filled with chilled mango sauce and a slice of sweet mango.

Next on the list was the Braised Shark’s Fin with Lobster Meat in Pumpkin, the glutinous liquid’s smooth texture with bits of tofu and pumpkin, with its flavourful essence going easily down the throat.

Master chef Lau Kin Seng, who has been working for the Oriental Group of Restaurants for 31 years, is the brains behind the meal.

The soup, he said was braised for 45 minutes on a superstove when the normal process of cooking would take many hours.

Then came the crispy Shatin Chicken with a small side dish of mango and pomelo topped with slices of dried cuttlefish and onions, that reminds me of Thai mango kerabu.

Baked White Tuna with Miso Sauce soon followed after, with the fried beancurd skin complementing the sweetness of the marinated tuna that melts delightfully in the mouth.

Braised Egg Noodle Village style was served next with bits of vegetable and mushrooms, its aroma permeating the air and a surprisingly light, simple dish that is easy on the stomach.

1926856CA1B143548F67733530128F78From the sea:Deep-fried stuffed Australian scallop with chilled prawn in mango sauce.

And to wash everything down was the Double Boiled Snow Pear with Coconut which offered a refreshed feeling and was not at all overly sweet.

“My interest in cooking began when I was 15 as I was unsure where my life would head. My friends coaxed me to Singapore where I cooked for a living which then led me to have a growing interest towards the culinary field,” he said.

He added that the menu was set in such a way that it mixed and matched without overpowering the palate, serving a contrast of tastes such as sweet and sour or crispy and fresh.

The menu would change midway in the month, to keep customers interested and coming back for more.

The UOB Chef’s Creation promotion set is available for lunch and dinner, priced at RM88++ and RM168++ per couple, respectively. The promotion is valid from now to Dec 30.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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