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MY COLLEAGUE Mark Law made me an offer I can not refuse.

He said: “Eh Sam ah! Let’s go makan some buaya.” (let’s feast on some crocodile)

Now, with the mere mention of crocodile, two things came into mind.

First, the image of two-legged lounge lizards preying on young girls had put a smile on my face.

I meet these guys regularly on my social bicycling rides.

The other impression was a wild beast that struck terror on people’s mind — especially in East Malaysia.

With buaya as the main topic of our conversation, I recalled the legendary Bujang Senang, a large crocodile responsible for the deaths of villagers living in the interior of Sarawak.

This reptile is so huge, legend has it that it swallowed a boat with its passengers in it.

Well, what was said, is of course; influenced by a lot of beer.

Now, jokes aside, Law was very serious about his invitation.

7468D0A0136947578E459C6D46144E6ELegit business: Restoran Krocies Seafood in SS2, Petaling Jaya sources its meat from farms in East Malaysia.


He made mention of a makan place in SS2, Petaling Jaya, which caters to an exotic menu where crocodile is served.

I took his offer and had lunch at Restoran Krocies Seafood in Jalan SS2/10.

A lady who took our order had recommended the crocodile soup, stewed croc’s paw and braised croc tongue.

And for a limited-time offer, we were entitled to a selection of dishes at RM1 per plate.

This of course, comes with a catch as diners are allowed to choose only one item.

Law had settled for the crocodile fillet stir-fried with kailan.

My personal favourite is the croc’s paw and tongue.

These would easily rank 8 out of 10 on the Samo-scale.

Speaking of pricing, Law and I shared the cost of six dishes including rice at RM72.

Since this is a legitimate business, I was told that the crocodile meat was sourced from three farms in East Malaysia.

What made me smile, was the claims of consuming crocodile meat for health.

The way I see it, crocodile is just another white meat and there aren’t really much benefits eating it.

Restoran Krocies Seafood (N 03 06.957, E 101 37.038) is open for lunch and dinner.

More details can also be found on social media sites such as Facebook.

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