127, Jalan Kenari 23A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8071 5707
Business hours: Tues-Sun, 11.00am-9.00pm;
Public holidays, 10.00am-9.00pm (closed on Mondays)

TWO female executives settled into a corner table upon entering Restoran Mek T and waited expectantly for a waiter to attend to them — until they realised that the restaurant operates on a fast-food concept.

Mek T, which stands for Miss T(erengganu), is a place that specialises in Terengganu delicacies, ranging from main courses like nasi dagang to snacks and desserts like keropok lekor.

“The fast food service format allows us to provide quick meals to customers, whether for dine-in or takeaway,” said Tan Lili, who along with her sister Celia run the restaurant.


Quick service, quality food: The restaurant operates on a fast food concept. The eye-catching wallpaper serves as a guide to the restaurant’s Terengganu specialities, which ranges from main courses like Nasi Dagang to snacks and desserts like keropok lekor.

“Using disposable containers is also more hygienic and clean, though we can serve the food on plates upon request.”

Lili assured that the food, featuring authentic Terengganu dishes using recipes that have been refined by Celia, are cooked fresh daily in the kitchen.

“Celia spent years learning how to cook these delicacies from the locals themselves.

“The restaurant was established out of our passion to share our hometown’s cuisine with the Klang Valley crowd.

“Many, including friends and family who are familiar with the east coast cuisine, come here to enjoy food they grew up with.”

Lili said most ingredients like spices and keropok lekor are brought in from Terengganu, while the chefs are Kelantanese.

Nasi Dagang Mek is a favourite among those familiar with this east coast staple, while locals prefer Nasi Sedapp Sokmo (literal translation: Always Delicious Rice) for its value for money.

Nasi Dagang features a mix of long grain and glutinous rice flavoured with coconut milk, and is served with tuna curry and light vegetable pickle (gulai ikan aiya dan acar timun).

“We use premium Basmati parboiled rice for Nasi Sedapp Sokmo, which is almost like nasi briyani. It is served with two pieces of chicken curry and tangy pineapple sambal (gulai ayam dan sambal nanas),” said Lili.

Other favourites at the restaurant are Laksam and Laksa.

“The difference between the two is that Laksam uses thick cut noodle (similar to chee cheong fun), while the Laksa looks more like spaghetti,” said Lili.

“Laksam is served with a rich gravy of pureed fish in light coconut milk, while Laksa has a spiced gravy of pureed fish similar to curry but with a sour taste. Both are topped with fresh herbs and ulam.”

There are also the Bihun Mee Mek topped with keropok lekor and special sauce, and Nasi Ulam Mek — a traditional village meal of rice eaten all mixed up with its grilled fish flakes, fresh local herbs, fried chicken gulai and sambal toppings.

Those who crave some traditional Terengganu kuih and snacks will be spoilt for choice with Restoran Mek T’s colourful array of treats like Mek Lekor, Kar Pek Hu Sah, Pulut Lepa, Bingka, Sekaya Pulut, Pulut Cawan, Bantern and Lompat Tikam.

“The types of desserts that are available vary daily as some are labour intensive to produce. Even these are made by Celia,” said Lili.

“We accepts orders for functions. However, we require at least a day or two notice in advance for special requests.”

Some of the menu items include Tom Yam Bihun, Nasi Goreng Belacan, Nasi Goreng Budu ala Terengganu, Terengganu Lam Mee, and Mee Hailam Terengganu Style.

The restaurant also offers set meals with prices ranging from RM4.90 to RM14.90 for a main meal, dessert of the day (for selected sets) and cold drink. Lili highlighted that Restoran Mek T has been certified halal since it opened in April this year. The Tan sisters are exploring the option of franchising the restaurant in the future

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