RESTORAN Binjai in BU4, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, is a makan place
I patronise each time I send
my bicycle for service at
my buddy, Johnny Ng?s bicycle shop.

It is not easy to find as this place is ?hidden? from plain view.

If you can find Tingkat Bandar Utama, you will be able to locate a row of shophouses and Restoran Binjai (GPS N 03 09.040, E 101 36.631) which is located on the far right corner.

This makan place is known for its Nasi Campur (RM5 to RM9) and East Coast favourites such as Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu.

The cook has modified the rice dishes to suit our palates.

The flavour is more like a fusion between the Kelantanese style and the Nasi Padang way of cooking.

One dish which stands out is the Nasi Kukus.

Worth searching for: Restoran Binjai in BU4 is located in a corner of Tingkat Bandar Utama.

At RM6.50 per serving, you get a quarter piece of ayam goreng berempah (fried chicken seasoned with spices) and a killer gulai (gravy) and sambal.

It is basically a simple dish comprising steamed rice and a piece of chicken with gravy.

I found the chicken to be tasty and the gulai goes really well with the hot rice.

In the East Coast, Nasi Kukus is a favourite dish for lunch and dinner.

Even at RM6.50 per helping, I have no complaints as it tasted good.

I would rate this at 6 out of 10 on the Samo-scale.

The makan place opens daily from 7am to 10pm (except
after lunch to observe Friday prayers).


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