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CONTINUING my folding bicycle adventures, I set out on a Century Ride (cycling above 100km) to Jugra Lama in Selangor.

This historical town is located some 56km away from my home in Subang Jaya and my plan was simple — ride there on my folding bike and get back.

I have done some research about this town on the Internet and very few facts surfaced.

To get there, I must first cycle towards Banting which is the nearest town to this place.

It took me about two-and-a-half hours to get to the Jugra junction and as I slowly made my way towards Permatang Pasir, I noticed that there was a wealth of history about this place.

Firstly, the tomb of Sultan Abdul Samad, the fourth Sultan of Selangor is located here.

Next, there is the Istana Bandar, a beautiful palace located near the riverside which is now in a state of neglect.

Perhaps the most interesting attraction here is the Sultan Alaeddin mosque which was built in 1906.

In a single-sweep, I managed to see all three places at one go.

And when it comes to offering good places to eat, I must say Jugra yielded many surprises.

There are some seafood restaurants here that were made famous by bloggers.

F66376B97E3446AABB3113E0D86B70F6Hot pot: The Sarr Pou Chue Chap thong.

One particular makan place which I discovered by accident was a wooden shop (GPS N 02 50 171, E 101 25 677) located near the end of Jalan Permatang Pasir.

One sure indicator that this was a good makan place was the fact that it was packed to the brim for lunch.

I wasted no time in finding a table and a place to park my folding bicycle.

Then a lady came up to me and started taking my order in Mandarin.

I took the risk by accepting her recommendation and ended up with an order of the Sarr Pou Chue Chap (pig spare part soup in claypot).

After working out a good appetite, I was ready to take in whatever they could throw.

CD68A32461C34A598E4D882FE9DBD09DNothing fancy: A simple establishment with plenty to offer.

It took a while for the soup dish to arrive and while I was sipping my cup of tea, a group of children were checking out my little folding bicycle.

They were intrigued by the handlebar gadgets — especially the air horn and the cycling GPS.

When my wait ended with the arrival of the Chue Chap, I engaged in the ritualistic lunch with a plate of hot rice.

And I must say that for RM14 a bowl, the Sarr Pou Chue Chap Thong was one of the best I had ever tasted.

Save the cursing men and curious kids, eating in a wooden shop is an experience to relish.

Later, I asked the lady who served me tea about the name of the shop.

She said: “Sarr Bak” which means simmered meat in Hokkien.

With a satisfying meal, I rode off to Banting and back to Subang Jaya to clock-in 113.5km on my bicycle’s GPS.

The Jugra experience was fulfilling and I guess that with so many promising makan places to check out, I will set out again on a food and folding bike cycling adventure soon with my wife.

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