Concourse Level,Sungei Wang Plaz
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 010-215 8133
Business Hours (Daily) 11.00am-10.00pm.

WHENEVER Keagan Leng visits Hong Kong, he never fails to stop for a dose of the island’s well known desserts.

The 28-year-old said the routine developed into a habit, prompting him to open a restaurant selling the desserts he enjoyed back home.

“There are a lot of shops there selling warm and icy desserts with all kinds of flavours matched with fresh fruits.

“Most of the ones you find there are impossible to find here,” he said, adding that his favourite was freshly cut mangoes on ice shavings.

Ten months ago, Leng realised his dream of running a dessert parlour and being able to have his favourite dessert any time of the day.

Instead of sitting at the cashier counter and relying on a chef to prepare the desserts, Leng travelled to Taiwan and Hong Kong to pick up the skill of dessert-making himself.

He spent three months in Taiwan and worked in a dessert shop to learn the tools of trade from scratch.

Leng and his partners now run the Sweet Poems Dessert House in Kuala Lumpur which offers an extensive array of desserts from flavoured snow iced shavings and bubble tea to a bowl filled with sweet potato balls, green bean, sweet yam balls and Nata de Coco.

371F1082D0A3465283FC505926D96273Good choice: This Mango Jelly drink with diced mangoes is a must-try for fans of the fruit.

During our visit to the restaurant, we were greeted with his speciality, Mango Jelly with mango flavoured ice and mango juice tucked neatly in a plastic cup.

The sudden sensation of sweet, chewy cold ice shavings melted in our mouth after just one slurp of the drink.

“Mango is a fruit everyone loves but it is not easy to find them all year round,” he said, adding that local mangoes were only sweet and not fragrant.

He said the best mangoes were from the Philippines but found it difficult to find a local supplier here.

This prompted him to fly to the Philippines and he found a long-term supplier for his shop.

The delightful sweet potato and yam balls are handmade by a chef hired from Hong Kong.

He said the balls had to be prepared from raw ingredients in the morning before the mall opened for business.

Although they were small in size, they were very addictive, given the fact that we enjoyed chewing on gums and this felt just like it.

On his snow ice menu, customers can choose from flavours like milk, kiwi, yam, coconut, sour plum, mango, strawberry, black sesame and occasionally durian.

The second part of the menu where it says ‘Create Your Own’ allows customers to choose three to five ingredients such as red bean, fresh yam, pineapple, sweet potato, green bean, sweet yam ball, QQ Ball and Nata de Coco which will be served with grass jelly ice as its base.

If you are a mango fan, try their Coconut Noodle with Slices of Mango topped with Mango Juice which we enjoyed especially the crystal clear noodles which was springy and the delightful Mango Combo with coconut, sago, pomelo, mango, strawberry and kiwi.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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