THERE is a makan place in Semenyih, Selangor which I discovered recently with my folding bicycle kakis.

We were riding to Broga in Negri Sembilan and came across Seow Man Hot Soup restaurant located off the main road near Semenyih town.

Curiosity led me to this makan place, which is known for their Latt Thong (hot soup), Chau Kai (chicken braised with Chinese wine in hotpot), Harm Yee Farr Lam Pou (pork belly slices with salted fish) and a variety of kampung styled home-cooked dishes.

The makan place in question is Seow Man Hot Soup off Semenyih’s main road.

If you are heading towards Seremban from Kajang, keep a lookout for this place on the right hand side.

At Broga, my folding bike kakis and I had literally worked up a good appetite.

So, Seow Man was on our agenda after an 18km ride from Semenyih to Broga and back.

9A7DD071AE5A46D19129178D54E041D0  A decent fare: The four dishes ordered by the writer.

We wasted no time in ordering four dishes for our early lunch break and I must say that service here was prompt.

First, there was the Latt Thong (hot soup) that tasted hot and spicy.

There was no shortage of ingredients as the soup served in the claypot came with pork slices and entrails.

At RM15 a serving, I must say that the fare was very decent.

Next up, was the chicken braised in Chinese wine.

FE08657839B64AEFBFEE0D023EF9172BGood find: Seow Man hot soup restaurant in Semenyih, Selangor.

Now, before I go on, let me warn you meat lovers out there that the kampung chicken is lean and tough.

So, if you want to work out your jaw, this is the dish to go for.

Quality-wise, I would say that it’s average and what made my day was the hot soup.

Other dishes like the cheiu phai taufoo (house styled tofu) and chau fan shue yeep (stir-fried sweet potato leaves) were acceptable.

When the bill came, we paid RM60 for the dishes including some drinks.

This was a decent price for a small town like Semenyih as the portions were also quite generous.

Seow Man Hot Soup (GPS N 02 57 166, E 101 50 664) is open for lunch and dinner daily and if you want to try it out, be sure to get there early.

And for you folk who don’t know where Semenyih is, do a ‘Google Map’ search or get someone who knows how to utilise this application on the Internet.

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