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WHILE it is big in the United States, Popeyes’ food chain is starting to gain popularity in Malaysia.

With nine restaurants in the Klang Valley, the company is rigorously doing campaigns to promote the brand among locals so it can be on par with other similar food chains here.

91D539E37C15403E968F69E4467C7C88Crunchy: The yummy biscuits are served with jam.

This Chinese New Year, diners who spend RM20 and above in a single receipt are entitled to a Fortune Pack worth RM20.95. The coupon offers free Fish Rice Bowl, Shrimp Sandwich and a three-piece Chicken Tenders that can be redeemed with any meal purchase.

“This means if a person purchases just a drink, he can redeem a Fish Rice Bowl for free. Now, that is a great deal,” said Grand Companies Sdn Bhd marketing director Jason Lim.

He said the food chain was still American, and the company did not want to overplay the festive theme over its American concept.

“Rather than having ang pow packets, we came up with the Fortune Pack,” said Lim, adding that the promotion is on from now till Feb 13, but the Fortune Packs redemption would be valid till Feb 28.

Being a Louisiana chicken operation, Popeyes has incorporated a unique Cajun taste in their food, which is seasoned and spicy.

BC60D9E237B64E7884C718DACC6CBE60Great fish taste: The Fish Fillet sandwich is a meal on its own.

One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is the Bonafide Chicken Marinated in Louisiana seasonings. Hand-battered and made fresh, diners can choose between mild and spicy flavours. The flavour comes from a 12-hour marination process and slow cooking.

There are also a few chicken combos to choose from the menu. The sets come with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, a biscuit and jam, and a soft drink.

For those who prefer seafood to chicken, there is also a selection under the seafood choices. There are the fish and shrimps sets.

The menu also has a range of sandwiches and rice dishes.

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