Rakkii Izakaya,
61, Jalan Icon City,
Bukit Mertajam,
Tel: 04-5054167

RAKKII Izakaya, a modern Japanese bar, is set to redefine the F&B scene in Penang with its gourmet cuisine and a well-stocked bar featuring a wide range of alcoholic beverages from Japan.

Located at Icon City in Bukit Tengah, Penang, the three-storey restaurant by father and son team John and Samuel Cheong offers a fresh new gastronomic experience for Penangites.

In Japan, izakaya bars are popular gathering spots for after-work drinking and mingling with colleagues and friends.

The mood is casual as friends wind down after a long day at the office.

Penangites can now enjoy their very own izakaya experience in an informal yet elegant setting.

A huge mural of a seductive tattooed geisha, done by acclaimed local artist Renny Cheng beckon customers wanting dining privacy up a spiral staircase to the mezzanine floor.

The focus of the outlet is on otsumami which are snacks that are specifically created as accompaniment to alcoholic drinks that range from sake, sochu, umeshu to Japanese draft beers and whiskey.

The food is top quality and ingredient-centred.

Tender slices of beef tataki.

Tender slices of beef tataki.

Classic dishes are cooked with love and lavished with attention. Samuel, who is also the executive chef, said it is all about honest food served with finesse, elegance and artistry.

The otsumami selections consist of seared foie gras, beef tataki (grain-fed tenderloin), truffled tamago (layers of truffles and egg served with truffle mayonnaise) and saikyo salmon (served with spinach, enoki, hajikami and goma sauce).

Imported from France, the flash-seared foie gras is served with toasted steam buns and topped with mango salsa and unagi.

Foie gras is an acquired taste but the delicacy is much sought after at the restaurant.

As for the teriyaki-marinated beef tataki, it is first sous vide and then seared lightly for that perfect texture.

The tender slices of meat are then served with spinach, enoki and maille mustard

Thinly sliced and balanced in flavours, the finished dish is beautiful and delicious.

Other equally appealing otsumami include grilled shishamo (lemon wedge, salt, chuka wakame), truffle and scallop shu mai (topped with scallop, pork lard, chives and truffle) and Hokkaido scallop (buttered edamame, corn and shimeiji, lumpfish roe and popcorn).

The refreshing tuna tataki salad.

The refreshing tuna tataki salad.

Also on the menu is tuna tataki salad with torched tuna maguro, garden salad with goma sauce, mango gelee and quail eggs.

The dish, given a modern twist, is simply refreshing with its sweet and savoury combo.

Equally appealing are kushiyaki (skewered and grilled) items such as stuffed shiitake, miso-cured pork belly, teriyaki chicken, shicimi tiger prawn and sesame unagi.


Another delightful choice is Rakkii’s spicy shrimp noodle (Asian-style spicy broth, ajitama egg, sesame panko tiger prawn and cilantro) and XO butter garlic-fried rice (sesame panko tiger prawn, hikari rice and nori).

Rakkii’s spicy shrimp noodles.

Rakkii’s spicy shrimp noodles.

Diners will also find the gourmet set lunch (top pic) to be totally satisfiying.

The hearty option comprises soup (hot spicy and sour soup), appetiser (ebi gyoza with spicy vinegar glaze), choice of mains and dessert (golden mantao with condensed milk). It is priced at RM39+.

Choices for the mains are ma bo tofu and duck egg rice, fermented beans and pork noodle or curry chicken katsudon.

Rakkii Izakaya is open from 1pm to midnight daily except Mondays.

For more information, contact 04-5054167.

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