HELLO folks! This week, we examine Dreamland Claypot restaurant in Semenyih, Selangor.

The place in question is a makan joint known for its Hakka Hot Soup.

Now, before I get down to the details, I would like to wish my former colleague Mr Ng Weng Tuck a very happy retirement and may your beer mug never run dry!

Okay, back to Semenyih’s Dreamland Claypot. Now, do you know that this makan place is located next door to Seow Man hot soup?

Yes, it’s just a pace away.

From our home in Subang Jaya, it’s only about 45 minutes’ drive on the LDP and SILK highway.

Dreamland Claypot is not hard to locate as it is just next to the Semenyih- Seremban road.

By the time we got there, the lunch crowd were out in full force.

We found a small table and waited to be served.

At this point, I found out that the service here was a bit slow.

For lunch, I ordered their signature hot soup, aigua chau yuk soi (eggplant fried with minced meat) and chun kuin (fried spring rolls).

One unique aspect of the hot soup dish is the mixed ingredients.

Served in a claypot, you get pieces of kampung chicken, pork innards and some sliced pig’s belly.

On a scale of 1 to 10 on the Samo-scale, Dreamland’s hot soup scored only 3.5.

Why? It simply didn’t pack enough punch.

4D0F2014D6A24E0DA63DB7E6C65B160EQuite a popular place:This eatery has lots of people coming for lunch.

Compared with Seow Man, it’s the ‘diet Coke’ of hot soup.

But, the saving grace here is the generous portions of ingredients. On this, the cook in Dreamland did not stinge.

How about the other dishes?

Well, I would put the eggplant and spring rolls as above average.

All that said and done, the real winner here is the price.

For three dishes and a pot of Chinese tea, my bill came to RM29.

Apart from hot soup, Dreamland Claypot restaurant also serves steamed river fishes. This will be my next item on the menu in a follow-up trip.

The GPS coordinates for this makan place are: N 02 57 157, E 101 50 664.

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