IF YOU enjoyed Kenny Rogers Roasters’ previous “Beef and Reef” offerings in August last year, the new “Greatest Grills” promotion launched in their new menu, should definitely interest meat-eaters.

The menu items, where diners can pair their roast chicken with either a grilled beef fillet or lamb chop, were rolled out with side dishes such as tortilla wrap and a new soup entry.

While beef is not a new item in the menu, having been introduced last year, the lamb is, which Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd marketing manager Christina Thong said was based on diners’ feedback and suggestions.

“We had a lot of diners who wanted the best of both worlds; they suggested pairing the chicken with beef, and after testing, we created the new combination,” said Thong.

The Ultimate Platter.

The Ultimate Platter.

These are named “Chicken and Beef” and “Chicken and Lamb” (both priced at RM42.56). There is also the ultimate “House Platter” – a Kenny’s Quarter, beef fillet and lamb chop for those who like a protein-rich meal (RM57.72).

By default, these combos are served with Kenny Rogers’ chunky veggie and mashed potatoes with gravy sides, as well as a muffin to round up the meal.

The beef portions are served from imported striploin steaks, while the lamb chops are from the square-cut shoulder portion.

The beef had been grilled medium-well, but patrons can also request how they want their meat done.

“But for lamb, because of health and food safety regulations, it is thoroughly cooked,” she added.

To accompany the meats, patrons can choose either BBQ, black pepper or mushroom brown sauce.

For a lighter meal, there’s the Lamb Tortilla Wrap (top pic) (RM13.41) – strips of lamb with crunchy vegetables wrapped, and a side choice of coleslaw or fresh fruit salad and dip. Try the tortilla with the BBQ dip, it’s really good.

Kenny Rogers has also added Pepper Lamb Soup (RM9.21), a hearty appetiser, which in this writer’s opinion, was a little heavy on the pepper, but then again, Malaysian palates are geared for spicy things.

Spicy appetiser: The Pepper Lamb Soup is an interesting take on our local Sup Kambing.

Spicy appetiser: The Pepper Lamb Soup is an interesting take on our local Sup Kambing.

“This Pepper Lamb soup is an adaptation of our popular local dish (sup kambing),” said Thong.

Currently, there are 100 restaurants throughout Malaysia, with two more coming this year, including one at The Mall in Sunway Putra.

For details, visit www.krr.com.my

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