FOR aspiring Malaysian-born chef Bhuvaneswaran Surendran, his story started at a tender age of 11, when he first baked a birthday cake for his best friend.

Ever since then, Bhuvan’s hobby of baking grew into a passion, and from a school boy selling self-made muffins during recess, he has now become a qualified chef with the world’s largest culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu.

With background and training in some of Europe’s famous Michelin-star restaurants, Bhuvan aims to refine his culinary skills and create his own signature style of cooking, drawing inspiration from top chefs such as Paul Bocuse, Pierre Herme, Jordi Roca, Chef Wan and Jamie Oliver.

When he’s not whipping up local dishes like mee goreng, or gaining experience in a number of cuisines, Bhuvan spends his time drawing out his cafĂ© plans for when he finally returns home to Malaysia.

If you want know what Bhuvan thinks about Malaysian cuisine, go to Malaysian Food Awards.

The Malaysian Food Awards enables Malaysians abroad to nominate and vote for their favourite restaurants serving the best Malaysian food overseas. Visit to find out more.

Here’s a recipe from Bhuvan:

Roti Canai. Click here for recipe.

Roti canai

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