MIDORI Japanese Restaurant,
Level 2, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel,
IOI Resort, Putrajaya
Tel: 03-8949 8888 ext 1222
Business Hours: Daily, lunch (11.30am-2.00pm),
dinner (6.30pm-10.00pm).

FEAST your tastebuds on authentic hand-made soba (buckwheat noodles) as Putrajaya Marriott welcomes new Japanese chef Uramoto Katsuyuki.

Uramoto began his foray into the culinary industry at the age of 18 and spent 45 years honing his skills in many restaurants and hotels in Japan.

His became interested in hand-made soba noodles during his culinary schooldays.

20D9E35610AE4C4D85AB49F3D600A81EMaster at work: Uramoto showing off his skills in soba-making at Midori.

Before the food tasting, we were treated to a soba-making demo by Uramoto. He deftly kneaded the dough before spreading it thin and slicing it into thin strips.

He made it looked easy but one could tell it took years of training to master such skills.

There are a variety of soba to choose from such as cha (green tea), kurumi (walnut), yomogi (vegetable), goma (sesame) and zaru (buckwheat). Choices of stocks include beef, chicken, duck and dried scallops. Hot or cold soups are available too.

The refreshing cold soups include Kamo Seiro (duck soup), Ichizen (special country-style soup) and Hiyashi Tanuki (Tokyo cooking style). Tummy-warming hot soups include Gyuniku (sliced beef), Sansai (mountain vegetables) and Arare (special Kanto style).

I seldom go for duck dishes as it has a strange odour at times but I gave the Kamo Seiro a try. Thankfully it was well-cooked.

For something different, try the Hiyashi Tanuki and Arare Soba.

2C2DFE40514C4005BE3D23F93775D948Substantial meal: The Kurumi Soba-Kamo Seiro set.

Prices are between RM35 and RM38, depending on which soup you choose.

You could also opt for the Soba Noodles Set (RM48) which comes in three choices: Kurumi Soba with Kamo Seiro, Cha Soba with Sansai and Goma Soba with Hiyashi Tanuki. All sets are served with salad, chawan mushi (steamed eeg custard), nimono (steamed hot dish), yaki sakana (grilled fish) and fruits.

We had grilled Saba fish and from the speed it vanished from the plate, it was evident many of us enjoyed it.

Another way to enjoy the soba is to mix in some wasabi. This is an acquired taste but personally, I loved it as it enhanced the flavours.

Senior marketing and communications manager Lydia Mae Hendroff said Uramoto has been giving pointers to the kitchen staff on authentic Japanese cooking since he began his duty in Midori three months ago.

“One can taste the difference and authenticity in the cuisine.

“Not many chefs make their own soba nowadays, so Uramoto is one of the few chefs who still does it,” she said.

She recommended the sets as it is value for money.

Soba Sensations is available daily from now till April 30. Prices are from RM28++ for a’la carte soba and RM48++ onwards for a soba set.

Uramoto’s live soba-making demo is available on weekends (subject to availability).

This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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