Chi Hao Dian Dim Sum Yum Cha Restaurant
Block KA2 Kuchai Avenue
Lot 1-10, 39 Jalan Kuchai Maju 13,
Kuchai Enterpreneurs Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016-3056751 (Wong)
or visit

BRINGING celebrated dining treats to a whole new level, the Chi Hao Dian Dim Sum Yum Cha Restaurant is well on its way to the top of the oriental food industry.

Focusing on quality food and dining, restaurant owner Endrew Wong has always believed in substance over style.

94E495F7298F4F8AA93C5882C2BE3A69Colourful: The colourful flowers and bold motifs in the restaurant provides a relaxing yet classy ambience for casual dining and chit chat.

“The quality of food must always be up to standard, which is why some of the herbs and ingredients used are imported directly from China,” he said.

Even so, the price is maintained at an affordable rate so everyone would be able to savour good food at a reasonable price.

“We wanted to provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy high-end dim sum which is only available in hotels or expensive restaurants,” he said.

Not lacking in the artistic department, the restaurant features an elegant oriental concept with bold red walls and tasteful furniture.

Strategically placed flowers and paintings softens the overall theme, creating a relaxing atmosphere for casual dining and chit chat.

After experimenting with different recipes and styles, Wong and his two partners came up with a complete menu offering a large variety of dim sum filled with little tweaks to keep customers guessing.

To kick-start the meal, we tried an innovative dish, the Beancurd Prawn.

Wrapped in a thin layer of chee cheong fun, the Beancurd Prawn may look understated. However, when the succulent prawn is teamed with sweet beancurd, the simple dish is far from ordinary.

Next, we had the Supreme Soup Dumpling King, which according to Wong, is lesser found in regular dim sum shops. The dumpling is stuffed with luxury seafood such as sharkfin, abalone, scallop, crabmeat, and served with a delicious superior soup.

Combining elements of Vietnamese, Western and Chinese cuisine, the Western Roll is bound to entice your tastebuds. Jack fruit and prawn creates an unusual combination while the crisp Vietnamese outer layer is light and crunchy.

Another mouth-watering treat is the award-winning Golden Pastry, sinfully fried to a crunchy perfection. The sweet potato filling is just the right texture and melts in your mouth.

A step up from regular siew mai, the Baby Abalone Siew Mai is soaked in fragrant abalone sauce and rich in flavour.

“We boiled the abalone for three hours to extract the abalone essence,” said Wong.

Other house specialities include the Pumpkin Pastry, Shanghai style Spicy Dumpling and the Green Custard Tea Bun.

For dessert, the Thousand Layer Cake is a tempting sight. Made with flavourful ingredients like pumpkin, salted egg and coconut shavings, the process of making the cake is labour intensive as it requires continuous steaming to achieve the multiple layers.

To wrap up the meal, we indulged on a dessert fit for a king, the Kwai Fa Gou or Osmanthus Jelly. The jelly is sweet and cooling to taste while the Osmanthus flower petals add to the refreshing flavour.

In conjunction with Mothers Day, Chi Hao Dian Dim Sum Yum Cha Restaurant is having a promotion until Sunday.

Mothers above 55 years old will receive a special Supreme Soup Dumpling King while mothers below 55 will receive a pink birthday bun when dining at the restaurant

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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