Fine food importer Euro-Atlantic laid out a selection of saucy treats for dinner at Social@GTower recently.

IT could have been a full-fledged Italian dinner affair had it not been for the presence of a renowned American spud. Still the gaggle of invited chefs, restaurateurs, bloggers and local media at the recent dinner hosted by fine food importer, Euro-Atlantic Sdn Bhd, were impressed once they discovered the secret behind the evening’s delicious menu.

Save for dessert, the dishes whipped up by the Social@GTower team showcased the possibilities of three new products that have just been launched by Euro-Atlantic – Cremonini Olive Oil and Don Pomodoro Pasta Sauces from Italy and Idahoan Dehydrated Potato from the United States.

“Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we decided a tasting menu would be the best way to let our guests sample the Cremonini Olive Oils, Don Pomodoro Sauces and Idahoan Dehydrated Potato,” said Adrian Ung, Euro-Atlantic’s marketing manager.

For a start, invitees were plied with delicious platters of Smoked Salmon with Pickled Mini Gherkins and Pearl Onions drizzled with a little Cremonini olive oil upon arrival. Guests also helped themselves to sliced baguette and salted crackers topped with Don Pomodoro Basil, Olive and Red (made with tomato) Pesto.

“Olive oil and pasta sauce are inseparable in Italian cuisine,” said Ung. “Cremonini olive oil and Don Pomodoro sauces are great if you want to give an authentic Italian accent to homemade pastas and pizzas.”

Founded by Guiseppe Cremonini in Olivetti, Italy, Cremonini has been producing olive oil using the traditional cold-pressing method for 50 years, resulting in a delicate fruity nuance, a coveted hallmark of high-quality olive oil.


Salmon cooked in a Don Pomodoro tomato and basil sauce, with garlic-roasted Idahoan mashed potato.

Having dipped a slice of crusty baguette into some Cremonini Extra Virgin Olive Oil earlier, I can vouch for the oil’s clean, well-balanced aroma and refined, full-bodied taste.

The Social@GTower chefs later used the very same oil mixed with lemon juice to concoct a rich, tangy dressing for our curtain-raiser of Mesclun Mixed Salad with kalamata olives, chopped hard-boiled egg, cheese shavings, scallions and croutons.

“Cremonini also has flavoured olive oils such as Chilli & Garlic, and Tartufo (truffle) that are suitable for salads and grilled meat or fish,” said Ung.

He also dispelled the notion that olive oil was unsuitable for frying. “Cremonini Olive Pomace Oil which comprises a mixture of virgin and pomace olive oil is perfect for deep-frying, baking and grilling,” Ung declared.


Add a dollop of Don Pomodoro Pesto tominestrone soup for a herbaceous overtone …


… or enjoy it as bruschetta topping or cracker spread.

We also had Minestrone Soup enhanced with a dollop of Don Pomodoro basil pesto which lent the broth an enticing herbaceous overtone.

Produced by SAOR S.r.l. in Calabria, southern Italy – an area known for its rich heritage of Italian food traditions – the Don Pomodoro line-up includes Arrabiata, Tomato & Basil and Tomato & Mushroom pasta sauces, and three types of pesto which are ideal as seasoning or topping for the typical Italian antipasti (starters).

Don Pomodoro sauces are equally good for main courses. Many of us actually returned for additional helpings of the main course – Seared Salmon Fillet with Olive, Basil and Fennel that had been cooked with Don Pomodoro sauces. We loved how the thick, chunky tomato-based sauce tempered the salmon’s richness. For textural contrast, the chefs served silky smooth Idahoan Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato as a side dish.

“You can substitute Idahoan in any recipes that require potatoes,” says Ung. “It’s so easy to prepare. Just add hot water to the Idahoan potato mixture, stir, and you’ll have wholesome mashed potato in a minute!”

As we savoured Assorted Fresh Fruits and Crème Brulee with Mixed Berries for dessert, Ung informed us that the 50-year old Idahoan Foods company only used Idaho potatoes in its production.

“Idahoan is low-sodium, low-fat, dairy-free and suitable for those on special restricted diets. One can easily create scrumptious dishes using the whole Idahoan range: Original Flavour, Buttery Homestyle, Roasted Garlic, Four Cheese, Hash Browns and Scalloped Potato. Try stuffing whole mushrooms with it, add it to Mexican-style burritos or use it as a pie filling. It’s the ultimate comfort food!” concluded Ung.

For further information on Cremonini Olive Oil, Don Pomodoro Sauces and Idahoan Potato, call Euro-Atlantic Sdn Bhd at (03) 4251 8482.

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