Thai version of dish has 21 ingredients for extra kick.

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TAKING into consideration that diners might enjoy tossing for some luck while opting for a Thai meal, Chakri Palace has introduced its version for the Chinese New Year.

The slightly spicy Thai Yee Sang served at a recent review featured an interesting sauce made with a combination of plum sauce, palm sugar and dried chilli.

The sauce offers a sweetish, sour and spicy taste once mixed with the 21 ingredients on the yee sang platter.


The spicy Thai Yee Sang at Chakri Palace.

Sliced pickled cucumber, pickled papaya, pickled red ginger, pickled white ginger, pickled garlic, red yam, green yam, crushed peanuts, sesame, dried orange, Pok-Pok Choi crackers, pepper powder, five-spices powder, honey Thai pomelo fruit, green mango, fresh alfafa, Chinese parsley, palm oil, jelly fish, fresh salmon fish and fresh lemon juice are the ingredients served to usher in the Year of the Horse.

For diners who prefer the original yee sang taste, that is available as well.

Jelly fish and sliced salmon make up the meaty ingredients deemed prosperous when tossing up the colourful mix of crunchy delights.

Rotol Food-Chain (M) Sdn Bhd director Caleen Chua said the restaurant has served yee sang since 2007 but each year, improvements were made to its sauce.

“Every year, we try to improve the sauce slightly by experimenting with the taste and improving on our ingredients,” she said.

Two new dishes, Thai Style Kung Pao Chicken with Sea Asparagus and Broccoli with Shitake Mushroom and Imperial Topshell, are Chakri’s offering for the Lunar New Year which are available on the CNY set menus.

A crunchy papaya basket made by the cooks at the restaurant holds the diced chicken and sea asparagus pieces, coated in the appetising kung pao sauce made by stirring in the flavours of chili sauce, tom yam paste, soya sauce, chicken stock powder and sugar.

To give it an added crunch, water chestnut, cashew nut, dried chilli and sliced red onion are thrown in this savoury stir-fried favourite that is best eaten with rice.

Chef Nopporn Nutto, who created the menu with his mother chef Nipa Nutto, said the basket was made using julienned young papaya that resembles straws.

The papaya straws are then arranged in a ladle with tapioca flour spread over while another ladle is pressed on top, then dipped in hot oil for three minutes for the basket to take form.

The house favourite Signature Mango Catfish has been included in the CNY set menu line-up.

Chef Nipa said to give the catfish its floss-like texture, the fish is steamed in a high pressure steamer, deboned and once dried, it is mixed with Thai fish sauce, soya sauce, Thai herbs and fried.

Other dishes to look out for during the season are Traditional Thai Mango Salad, Thai Kung Pao Chicken with Sea Asparagus, Fried Prawn with Creamy Cheese, Broccoli with Shiitake Mushroom and Imperial Topshell, Signature Mango Catfish, Chakri Seafood Tomyam, Deep-fried Garoupa with Samunprai Sauce, Fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce, Steam Seabass Lime Chilli, Fried Prawn with Sweet and Sour Sauce and Chilled Sea Coconut Longan.

The CNY promotion is until Feb 14.

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